Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Amazing Race Canada Team Spoilers, Speculation and My First Impressions

The show has only been taping for 6 days, but already there are enough spoilers via social media to identify several of the teams. So take note because if you see these people, you'll know that you are seeing the Amazing Race Canada being filmed. But then again, it's kind of hard to miss people who are scrambling madly about and looking like they don't know what they're doing. Of course, there's the sweaty, exhausted film crew trailing behind them. Now there's a dead give-away.

1) Team Body Break. Oh know who I mean. Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod. It's like a trip to the not-so-distant past. They were the first team to be identified because everyone knows these two. They have been spotted everywhere including in my head cos I can't get that damn jingle out of it. There. I just heard it again...Body Break! And it's the kind of music that is so typical of Canadian TV commercials. Really annoying. Do you hear it now? Oh yeah...there it is. Sing it. SING IT!!! Seriously, they are like two teams for the price of one -  they fill the "older couple" as well as the "home-grown, quasi-celebrity" team typecast.

2) Team Dreadlocks. Dude! This is the "young dating couple" type of team. Their names are Darren Trapp and Kristen Idiens. They are also easily identifiable because Darren sports long blond dreadlocks. I am hoping these two will the the "stupids" of the season - there's always one team like this, just because they so look the part. Thinking they know everything but getting totally befuddled. I hope they last long enough to be put through an extreme challenge or two, because I want to hear this guy say "dude!", "like" and "wow!" or some combination thereof. Oh I hope he says it a lot. He has to - otherwise that would just be a waste of a fine set of dreads, right? Maybe we can start a "Dude"-counter.

3) Team Red-Shirts. Not much is known about these two guys, except one looks slightly older than the other, so they could be father and son. Oh and they wear red shirts. Now, anyone who has ever watched Star Trek knows what that means. Yep. In case you don't know, it was always the red shirted guys who were sent on away missions to some crazy planet and would be the first to encounter and fall prey to whatever alien, bad guy, monster or amorphous blob featured in that week's episode. ALWAYS. Sure hope there isn't some challenge that involves caves or wild animals. Yikes. I mean, if they are the first team to be eliminated, that would just be too funny. Update: Damn. What at first looked like red shirts, turned out to be orange. Damn, I could have really had fun with that whole red-shirt thing. Oh well, it wouldn't have worked out ... they aren't the first ones out.

6 May
blasting through YVR! Go cute girls go!

4) Team Pink # 1. Yeah there are 2 teams of girls wearing pink. So let's call

this one Team Pretty in Pink. This pink team wears pink workout pants. The reason I am calling them this is because of this tweet by Shaun Majumder. Yeah I know, one has blue pants on. But she was wearing pink before. I swear. Update: the girl on the left is a young Canadian actress, Vanessa Morgan. Her teammate is probably her sister Celina Mziray.

5) Team Pink # 2. So the other pink-wearing girl team i am going to call Team Twin Pinks. Just because they look so much alike they could be twins. These are the two that were photographed at Pearson talking to the guy team wearing blue shirts. Well one of the guy teams wearing blue shirts. Yeah there are two of them too. As well as a couple wearing blue. Confused yet? I am starting to think this was all a dumb ploy by the producers to mess with us. Yeah probably was.

6) Team Blue Friends. Names unknown. These were the two guys talking to Team Twin Pinks at Pearson. Maybe trying to form an early alliance or just trying to hit on them. Like I said before, the one guy looks like he could be saying, "How you doin?" a la Joey Tribbiani. So if they back out of an alliance, they could always claim they were on a break.

7) Team Blue Bros. Formally known as Team Mitic, these two are brothers Cory and Jody. Jody is a double amputee and don't go thinking Jody is in it just to prove something. He doesn't have to prove squat. This guy can flip transport truck tires. Watch their audition tape - "It's just a race, a game. But we're going to <bleeping> win it." 

8) Team Boring Blue Couple. These two were also spotted at Pearson and also wearing blue. Names unknown. Don't know their relationship, but for now I am just going to presume they are married or engaged. She has blonde hair, he has dark. Maybe if we are lucky these two will be either using the race to test their relationship or see if it will help heal their broken marriage. Because that's the best way to do it...on national TV. So are we in for a crapfest of snarky comments and bitchy arguments? I hope so.

9) Team Cowboys. Yeah. Can you guess why I am calling them this? You got it...they are both wearing cowboy hats. They HAVE to be Alberta guys. Either that or they are really fishermen from Newfoundland traveling incognito. Now that would be funny. Those hats can't be practical when you're running or doing a challenge. Seems...silly. don't think maybe they are smuggling an iPhone or GPS under those things, do you? Yeehaw!!!

Just having a little fun for now. I will update the team data once CTV makes it's formal announcement. 

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