Friday, 20 June 2014

Amazing Race Canada Season 2 Finale Spoilers!

***Yes. This is a spoiler. That's because this is a spoiler site. So if you don't want to know spoilers, then please back out the way you came. And while I am at it, don't blame me if you accidentally saw something because your eye caught an interesting word, then couldn't stop yourself from reading on.***

Looks like the Season 2 finale of Amazing Race Canada is in Ottawa.

The 3 remaining teams arrived in the Ottawa airport this morning and apparently went to the Hull side of the Ottawa River. It appears they had to get to Parliament Hill via motorized raft. The first cluebox was spotted in front of the Eternal Flame. Production tried to cover it with a black cloth, but it fooled no one. The task was somewhere inside. I wonder if security gave them the same level of scrutiny as they do to us regular folk.
After Parliament Hill, teams apparently went on a mini museum tour. The first stop was the National Gallery of Art. I do not know what they did there. Then on to the Museum of Nature. Once inside, the challenge involved getting to the top of the new glass team was seen dangling precariously from the ceiling by some kind of rigging equipment. Probably to retrieve a clue. There is even some mention of teams at the Diefenbunker, which was closed that day for a "private event".  

The whole time, a low flying helicopter with some serious camera equipment mounted on the front followed the teams across the river and was seen circling near the market. It had a lot of people in a panic. Some people even contacted the R.C.M.P. whose position was... it's nothing to be worried about. I have a few guesses as to where the finish line is, based mostly upon this helicopter and a couple of other odd reports that came out that day, but I will leave that to a later post.

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I will do a complete preview of the finale in the week before it airs. If there is more to come, I will update this post. UPDATE: This preview has been posted and can be found BY CLICKING HERE

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