Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Jon and Neda. Love, Big Brother Canada Style.

Looks like the house guests in Big Brother Canada 3 will have a lot to live up to...

Yep, apparently it's true. Jon and Neda are officially Canada's new power couple. Makes you wonder if Big Brother Canada can claim a tradition - that the house guests who finish in 1st and 3rd place are destined to fall in love. Or perhaps the couple that falls in love on the show will finish with one of them winning at the expense of the other in 3rd. Getting stabbed in the back by your intended. How romantic. Remember poor Emmett being eliminated by Jillian in season 1?

For the past few days, Jon, Neda, Arlie, Alison, Rachelle, Sarah, along with season 1's Alec Beall and Peter Brown have been hanging out in B.C. (did I miss anyone?). They even made a very cool appearance at Sarah's kids' school, and went to Sarah's cabin together. But that's not the interesting part.

Last week, Jon appeared on RHAP (Rob Has A Podcast). Rob being Survivor's Rob Cesternino, along with his BB cohost Brian Lynch. You can watch that interview By clicking here There were a few hints. The first one is Jon explaining the hard time he had with his (now ex-girlfriend) Janelle after the show ended. He didn't seem very happy about the situation - certainly not the guy that was so in love with her on the show. Very noticeable. It sounds like she wasn't too happy about the Neda situation. Then near the end, Rob mentions The Bachelor Canada and if Jon would be interested in becoming Canada's next Bachelor. Seems like Jon jumped on that bandwagon a little too quick. (and I think Rob knew too when he asked it). In addition, Jon explains it only took one week for he and Neda to patch up her giant knife wound in the back.

As for the after show fallout, Chris Jancelewicz at the Huffington Post attended the post BB Canada 2 finale party. He reported there was obvious friction between Jon and Janelle, and Janelle gave Neda "the glare" - if you know what I mean. You can read that article Here In the article, Chris also reports on a live sighting last weekend by a fan in Vancouver. I came across this fan's "sighting" and pics myself soon after he posted them on his blog. The incident was a bit too stalker-ish to me - he talked to them at one bar then followed them to a second, trying to remain unnoticeable.

Apparently Sarah (and I have to presume other cast members) were well aware of the blossoming romance. It was ET Canada who officially broke the news, with Sarah soon after tweeting out that the gag order was lifted. She also responded in that thread that the romance did not start at the club. My suspicion is it started during the show but went into full gear in those two weeks after the show ended. I guess we will find out soon when ET Canada delivers on their promise of "the first interview with the couple".

And I am still holding on to hope for something between Peter and Rachelle. Arlie and Allison?

UPDATE: ET Canada aired their "exclusive" interview with Jeda Thursday, June 19th. The first thing they pointed out was that Twitter went berserk when they officially broke the story. That's not exactly what happened, but I am sure that fan who followed Jon and Neda escalated the need for them to make that announcement. The segment was obviously pre-taped (it was days ago) but they chose to include it on the same day as their cast reveal for Big Brother 16. The only real snippet of info was Neda admitting the first spark between them happened about a week after they started hanging out. They also discussed Jon's upcoming meeting with Neda's family - again something that has already happened, as anyone who follows Jon on Twitter can tell you.

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