Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Big Brother Canada 3 Official Announcement

Shaw Media made the official announcement today: Big Brother Canada is headed to season 3. Nothing we didn't expect. We all know how the show is a ratings bonanza. But here's the clincher: it's leaving Slice and going to Global TV. Sure, it's all part of the same media giant, but you have to wonder how that will affect the show. Will they have a bigger budget and maybe increase the grand prize? Perhaps.  I think a major part of it has to do with Slice being a specialty channel, and many people being unwilling to pay for the subscription. Remember how Slice started season 2 with a free preview for the first couple of weeks? Well, I don't think that went over very well with a lot of fans who found out they had to pay extra. Maybe there were just too many illegal downloads because of it, and that just translates to lost advertising revenue. I am also sure that Global can attract bigger and better advertising and sponsors than Slice ever could. Cha-ching.

The biggest question is the FREE live feeds....will we have to pay for them next year? Just how big are those dollar signs that the execs at Global and Shaw are seeing?

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