Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Filming Complete for The Bachelor Canada's Tim Warmels

Today, CityTV released a video of Brad Smith interviewing Tim Warmels on his experiences while filming The bachelor Canada. Brad starts off by commenting on Tim's obvious tan and suggesting he must have spent a lot of time filming in a tropical location.


Of course, he is right, and make no mistake about it - Brad knows perfectly well where season 2 was filming. Excited and sometimes frustrated witnesses reported on filming in Los Cabos and the Bahamas. It would appear that the show's format has changed. From what I have seen, the Bachelor Canada mansion was not used as the home base as in season 1. Season 2 seems to be a total road trip.

Are you excited for the upcoming season? If you can't wait, maybe this little tidbit will help tide you over... meet LG G2 Battery Battery spokesperson Ricardo Amor, Latin lover. He can go all night.

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