Thursday, 4 September 2014

Preview of Episode 10 "Hot Poop" Amazing Race Canada 2 in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Yes, there are spoilers here.

We will see another early morning departure from Montreal. And you can expect the teams will be shocked, again, to see Ryan and Rob show up at the airport.

This episode was filmed May 19th. Prince Charles and Camilla arrived in Charlottetown later that night at 6 PM, so the city was all abuzz. So much so that some people may have thought nothing of the cluebox out front of Province House, where the teams made an early morning stop.
Mickey & Pete and Natalie and Meaghan were spotted together out front with 2 fully costumed female cast members of the Confederation Players. This year marks the sesquicentennial of the Charlottetown Conference, so I was sure from the get-go this task would be a nod to the event that led to Canada's Confederation. I was right. The preview shows us this is going to be a Roadblock and it looks like one team member must memorize and identify the names of the delegates. Meaghan says this is her "worst nightmare". Oh oh, that doesn't sound too good. The Confederation Players were also seen around town that morning. I do not know if the two things are related, if it was just a diversion, or if it had to do with the Royal visit.

Scientifically inaccurate, but hey who cares?
One part of the Detour is harness racing at Red Shores Charlottetown Driving Park - without the horse! One person must pull their teammate sitting in the buggy (with a whip!) around two laps. The "horse" must also wear blinders. Mickey, Natalie and Alain will be the horses.

The title quote goes to Rob, who yells, "Hot! Hot poop!". I have no idea what they are doing in
a giant pile of manure. For all I know they are looking for what the Triceratops ate that made it sick. This is their Speedbump - the task they must do for their last place finish on the non-elimination in Montreal. I think that was mighty sh*tty of the producers, don't you? Maybe Rex and Bob were right all along - Satan
I thought this kind of stuff only happened to the bad guys.
really does dream up the challenges. But hey, I have the feeling the poop jokes are going to hit the fan.

There should be a task somewhere involving food. You may have noticed there has been a "food" on each and every leg. Think about it. Oh, I know what you're thinking. There wasn't one in Whitehorse! Well, you're wrong. The teams' start line clue in Macau tasked them with enjoying a breakfast the next morning in Whitehorse. For Charlottetown, my first thought was PEI potatoes. Do potatoes play a part in whatever the heck Ryan and Rob are doing in the hot poop? Interesting, but I am also expecting... Dairy Queen. Did you know the World's busiest DQ is in Charlottetown? It's true! It's in Wikipedia! Besides, DQ is one of the major sponsors of this season. Of course this is totally just my speculation, but other than the Dairy Queen Twitter feed on the show's official site and countless commercials, we haven't seen anything from them. There has to be a product placement somewhere!

The only other sighting of note happened later that day in New London. Yes, that's right - the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery. At this point in time and considering the distance from Charlottetown, I think this may be the Pitstop for this leg of the race. Perhaps we will see Anne standing next to Jon at the mat! I can see it now. Red hair, freckles....and not just Jon, but Anne too!

I am hoping for a Mickey and Pete win here. They are due for one. They have been consistently near the top and on several legs would have won if it weren't for little things like getting lost in Paris or Sukhi and Jinder getting the Fast Forward in Montreal. Go Dudes!

There will be an elimination this week, and it will be either Alain & Audrey or Sukhi & Jinder. That is right. Ryan and Rob are following in the footsteps of Tim Hague Sr and Tim Hague Jr. That big pile of poop? No problem!!! It won't cause their elimination, in fact it will just force them to focus and become stronger. I can only conclude that the team who ends up being eliminated (A&A or S&J) must have screwed up really bad somewhere along the way. I suspect Sukhi and Jinder & Ryan and Rob did the other task in the Detour, so I wonder if this is the cause of the trouble. Just one point of explanation here: I am basing this on the fact that Ryan and Rob were among the final 3 seen in Ottawa. There is a slim chance they were used as race decoys. If that is the case, then all bets are out the window....but I really don't think so.

I will update this post right up until airtime.