Thursday, 18 September 2014

Preview of Amazing Race Canada Season 2 Finale "Who's Da Bomb?"

Okay, here we go. This is it, folks! The finale to an incredible season. Yes, yes, yes, there are definitely spoilers below, so DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW. This is your final warning, okay?
This preview is expanded from my original spoiler post on the finale, which you can read by clicking HERE

Executive Producer Jon Brunton has promised us a finale that will "Blow our minds." I expect no less after this incredible season. The finale was filmed in Ottawa on May 22, a very hectic day of filming which began early with all three teams coming in on the first flight from Moncton, New Brunswick. The next sighting was on the Ottawa River where motorized rafts were spotted. This could have just been the filming crew, but the challenge for the teams involves double kayaks and a slalom course. One shot in the preview shows Natalie and Meaghan headed towards the shore which was flooded right up to the sidewalk. They may have had to retrieve a clue. The teams must land near the mouth of the Rideau Canal and then head to the Parliament Buildings. The cluebox was out front by the Eternal Flame, but teams had to enter. I don't know if there is a task here or if it is just a Route Marker.

Teams were also spotted at the National Gallery of Art. Same thing applies, if it is anything more than a Route Marker I will update this info.

The teams make another stop at the Natural History Museum. There is definitely a task here and it looks like a Roadblock. Mickey, Meaghan and Ryan must retrieve the next clue from high up in the new glass atrium of the museum. The preview shows the clue just out of Mickey's reach, and Meaghan's injured hand causing her a lot of problems.

There is a Detour in the finale and one of the two tasks is at the Diefenbunker. I am not sure of the details, but it would appear they must search through the bunker for components needed to complete the task. Pete, Natalie and Rob will do this one - it looks like they all chose the same task. The preview shows Pete running through the bunker saying, "I have never been more scared in my life." I don't think it was just because the Diefenbunker is one frigging scary place...perhaps there was another reason why if you catch my drift. Note: I am not 100% on the timing of this task. It COULD have been the first stop of the day, or in

Update: The new sneak peek shows Natalie searching through Diefenbunker when Rob shows up. He is seen grabbing a toy-sized jeep off the top of a table (or desk). She says, "Rob is here now and he is flying through the halls." Interesting.

There has been much discussion and speculation about what the final memory task will be. Remember the first season was decided at the memory challenge. Tim Hague's wife told him before he left to pay attention to the clues and what happens at the mat. He must be the only man out there who actually listens to his wife. It was such a defining moment, that I am not even sure there will be a standard memory challenge. If there is one, it could be made up of various components. There has been a food item on each leg. The greeters at the mat with Jon have all had unique identities (surfer, WWII veteran,etc) and with the exception of Macau and Paris have all given a welcome greeting describing their city. 

Then it's on to the finish line at Rideau Hall. I do not know if the mat is inside or outside on the grounds somewhere. If you have watched the preview at the end of the last episode, you may have noticed Mickey and Pete doing their ITM interview from what looks to be a botanical greenhouse. Well, Ottawa currently has no botanical gardens. That shot is from inside the greenhouses of Rideau Hall.

I am sure you all would love to know how the teams placed and who won the second season of Amazing Race Canada, right? All three of these teams are powerhouses, and I think fans would be happy with any of them winning. Are Natalie and Meaghan unstoppable machines? Will Ryan and Rob finally conquer all odds against them? Or will Mickey and Pete end up buying that sailboat they wanted with their winnings?

Remember, you only HAVE to win one leg to win the Amazing Race. It's the final leg that counts, and it totally depends on who has the best day. One slip and you have lost. I said this before and my prediction has not changed except for one important point. Of course there will be some fluctuations in placement, but I think the stop at the Natural History Museum will be the clincher. It is here that Meaghan's hand is going to cause her enough problems that Mickey and Pete will overtake them. She may have even exasperated her injury while doing the kayaking/slalom on the Ottawa River. Remember the problems she had in Whitehorse with the canoeing? (Keep in mind that in real time, that was only 12 days before the finale) The clue retrieval from the top of the atrium was out of even Mickey's reach, so yes Meaghan will have a real problem with it. I think she will get it done, but not without some problems. The preview for the After Show promises to discuss "The most talked about moment." I think this is that moment.

Mickey and Pete will win, followed by Natalie and Meaghan, Ryan and Rob. This isn't solely my opinion or prediction. I have been told a male team reaches Rideau Hall first. Unless there is another twist that happens, or there is another task here before they hit the mat where they could switch positions, I think Mickey and Pete will be handed the keys to the two Silverados, capping off an extremely entertaining and at times very grueling season. Of course that male team could be Ryan and Rob, but here I am just going with my gut. And I really, really want to hear what comes out of Mickey and Pete's mouths when they win. Just saying.

Once again, if I learn of any more details, I will edit this post before the episode airs on Sunday September 21.