Saturday, 13 September 2014

Preview of Episode 11 "Put the Fun Back in Fundy" Amazing Race Canada 2

Yes, there are spoilers here...including the identity of the eliminated team.

Woot! Woot! It's the semi-finals! I am excited and sad the season is coming to an end.

The teams will drive to New Brunswick via the Confederation Bridge. This means that unlike other legs, the departure times will play a role because there won't be an equalizing wait for a flight to the next destination.

The first stop will be Shediac. If the Shediac Lobster comes into play, it will probably be just as a Route Marker clue. There is a task at the local Dairy Queen. After all, DQ is a major sponsor, and they have to get their advertising dollars in somehow, right? Anyway...the teams must serve "an Acadian birthday party." Those aren't my words. It was in the preview. I didn't know it was an Acadian tradition to have parties at the local Dairy Queen down on Main Street. Yes, that was sarcasm. Looks like they must pipe the lucky kid's birthday greeting on the ice cream cake. Somehow Pete and Mickey do such a good job they believe they are totally employable.

The road trip continues down to the Bay of Fundy. There is a stop at the Hopewell Cape Community Hall. I think it's just a Route Marker - probably the Detour. It looks like all four teams attempt the same task. They must correctly make a message using maritime signal flags pinned to a makeshift rigged mast. All the teams have trouble here, but especially Sukhi and Jinder who lose their clue instructions, and they don't know how to clip the flags on the rigging. I wonder if they will have the balls to ask for help, or just look to see what the others are doing.  Meaghan says, "I may have just gave away a half million dollars!" I don't know if they actually screw something up or if they do something equally as dumb as help Sukhi and Jinder. I hope it's the former. I can't see them intentionally helping the siblings after last week.

The Roadblock sees one member from each team having to do some rock-climbing and perhaps rappelling back down the cliffs at where I believe is near Cape Enrage. That's my best guess, because I also believe the Pitstop is at the Cape Enrage Lighthouse. It also looks like the teams must ride a zipline to the lighthouse to meet Jon at the mat.

Who wins? Who's eliminated? Good questions. I am still hoping for either a Mickey and Pete or a Ryan and Rob win. It's the last opportunity to win a prize before the finale. Pulling for Ryan and Rob - they deserve it.

The good news or the bad news, depending if you're a Sukhi and Jinder lover or hater is that the siblings will be eliminated here - no finale in Ottawa for them. They had a pretty good run - they can't complain.

And speaking of the finale, it will air the following Sunday (September 21st) at 8PM. Another "After the Race" will air immediately following the finale. You will get to see all your fav teams, but let's hope the Rex & Bob and Cormac & Nicole segments are kept to a minimum this time.

I will post new info if anything comes up. I will also have a preview for the finale up right after episode 11 airs.