Thursday, 16 June 2016

All the Reasons We Love Amazing Race Gifs [Reposted from June 2015]

[TBT - reposted June, 2016]

Season 3 of Amazing Race Canada is almost upon us. I mean, it's so close it's almost time to meet this year's teams. It's just so darn AMAZING, isn't it? As if you need any more inspiration to get you pumped for the Race, here are some of the things that make it so Canadian...and that is always amazing.

The Amazing Race Canada really knows how to go oot and aboot, visiting iconic Canadian locales.
S01E01 Where in the World is Ogopogo?
Or cute iconic Canadian fictional characters with pigtails and freckles. And she knows how to handle two dudes from Muskoka trying to hit on her. That's our Anne!
S02E10 Hot Poop
Once, they met Jim Parks - a real Canadian hero, who did something remarkable 75 years ago on a beach far away. There wasn't a dry eye in Canada.
S02E07 Lest We Forget
It made us all so proud to be Canadian, and we didn't need a tough as nails RCMP officer to make us cry and cry.
S01E05 Death by Lentils
Even the host Jon Montgomery is an icon - with or without a pitcher of beer in his hand.
S02E01 What's It Take to Get a Cup of Tea?
And no matter how difficult, he'll demonstrate the tasks himself.
S02E01 What's It Take to Get a Cup of Tea?
Including the ones that are kind of hard to swallow.
S02E03 Snakes and Liars
Sometimes even the teams are Canadian icons.
S01E01 Where in the World is Ogopogo?
S02E01 What's It Take to Get a Cup of Tea?
S02E06 She's the Pierogi Poobah!

Or just a boy, standing in front of a Paris. Of course she said yes!
S02E08 I Said Yes!
And the villains? Well I have to admit even they are kind of lovable.
S01E03 Hoodoos and Hoodonts
S02E03 Snakes and Liars

The teams can really get into all the Detours, Roadblocks and Speedbumps. Such commitment! 
S02E10 Hot Poop!
So much so, sometimes they'll make up their own clues and tasks.
S01E06 Check the Cannons!
The tasks can get very difficult, but these teams never give up. Isn't that right, Nicole?
S02E05 Who Designs These Torture Tests?

Okay...Correction. Sometimes they do give up, but it's kind of funny.
S02E02 There's a Fish in My Pants!

The winning team always makes me cry.
S01E10 The Family Race Off

I get so excited, I want to take my pants off to celebrate.
S02E12 Who's Da Bomb?

But most of all, we all love Amazing Race Canada because it's just sooo gosh darn....Canadian!

Sorry, but it's true.