Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Amazing Race Canada 4 Leg-by-Leg Race Results

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Weekly results - including team eliminations, will be posted immediately after the episode airs EASTERN TIME. It is generally accepted that such information is NOT A SPOILER.
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Race Notes:
***For all spoilers for this season, including filming, team and episode "previews" go to my TARC Spoiler page by hitting the tab on the menu above, or  CLICK HERE but be forewarned this season has been heavily spoiled.

Leg 1: There were 2 Roadblocks in Jasper. The Jasper Skytram RB was cancelled halfway through due to weather, and teams were released in order and by time needed to complete the task. The team member who sat out the Skytram RB had to compete in the 2nd RB.
See my Recap & Review of Episode 1 for more info

Leg 2: This was a Non-Elimination Leg. Kelly and Kate will face a Speedbump at some point during Leg 3.
See my Recap & Review of Episode 2 for more info

Leg 3: See my Recap and Review of Episode 3 for more info

Leg 4: See my Recap and Review of Episode 4 for more info

Leg 5: There were 2 Roadblocks, and no Detour on this leg. The teammate who didn't do the 1st RB had to do the 2nd RB.
See my Recap and Review of Episode 5 for more info

Leg 6: Frankie and Amy used their Express Pass on The Roadblock. 
This was a KOR leg, no elimination.

Leg 7:

Leg 8: This leg was a NEL. Rita & Yvette will face a Speedbump in Leg 9.

Leg 9:

Leg 10:

Leg 11:


  1. Do you know who was eliminated in each leg (Even the ones that haven't been aired yet)?

    1. For the most part, yes. Check my Team Spoilers post. I keep spoilers separate.

  2. Hi, this is a minor detail but I thought Kristen did 5 Roadblocks and Steph did 4?
    Leg 1: Both
    Leg 2: Kristen (Calgary Tower)
    Leg 3: Steph (Ducks)
    Leg 4: Kristen (Scooter)
    Leg 5: Both
    Leg 6: Steph (Airplane)
    Leg 7: Kristen (John A McDonald)

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  4. I'm sorry, I realised the other link was not working. This is the good one: https://youtu.be/1U54QEFjFac
    Do you think this is true or they are only making a joke? Cuz they said on Facebook that in Toronto, there was a special event where they showed the episode 8, which I doubt...
    (Sorry if I make a lot of mistakes, English is not my first language :/)

    1. I only listened to bits of it, but the whole thing is a joke, based on previews and sneak peeks. A task to simulate missile strikes, throwing a baseball at a kid's head or have them wear pig masks? They mention at the end the preview for the real episode at the end of the podcast.
      I'm sure you aren't the only one wondering about it.
      I'll be posting my preview by tomorrow.

    2. Okay, thank you! I only listened to the last 2 or 3 minutes and I couldn't really understand everything (mainly because of their accent and because I'm French xD)


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