Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Amazing Race Canada Preview of S4 Premiere "Who's Ready to Let It All Hang Out?"

Beware all Ye who enter here, as this preview includes some spoilery bits. You've been warned!

Be prepared for a brand new season of The Amazing Race Canada. And be prepared to see snow in June. JUNE!!! NO, Winter is NOT coming. Why oh why must we be reminded of that stuff? Why? I'll tell you why. Because WE ARE CANADIANS. We really are, to quote Stephen Colbert, a bunch of iceholes. But then again, it's because The Amazing Race Canada chooses to film in late April through to late May, and tends to alternate its route every year. Startline to finish line. East to west. West to east. Or close to it.

This year, it's the West's turn to start it all off. We begin the season 4 edition with the startline in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Ten teams (down two teams from 12 last year) will travel by ATVs to meet Jon for their intros, out on a frozen Frame Lake in front of the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.

Don't get me wrong. The Northwest Territories are gorgeous. We just don't need to see snow at the end of June. And if you read my filming spoilers, I posted a lovely picture of the Northern Heritage Centre. The problem with that is, it shows the Centre in the summer, when everything is sunny, green, fresh and...warm. But when it's surrounded in snow, it kind of looks like that seed repository vault in Norway. Or some outpost in Antarctica. Or Castle Black. Yeah, I'm going to go with Castle Black.

Their first clue will direct them out onto Great Slave Lake, specifically to an island. Presumably for their first task. Then that's it for Yellowknife. Teams will make their way back into town and hop into Chevy Silverados to make their way to the airport. By the way, don't forget to keep track of the Chevrolet vehicles the teams use this season, as the winning team gets the option of picking one as part of their grand prize.

Teams were next spotted in Edmonton, where it looks like there will be a charter flight sign-up to Jasper, Alberta. Only 4 teams make the first flight, the remainder are on the second.

Among the tasks in Jasper is one involving canoeing. Or maybe it's white water rafting. Whatever it is, that water is going to be friggin cold.

Jon, being Jon. It's what he does. And does well.
But the money-shot extravaganza task this year is the Roadblock. It's also the source of the title quote: "Who's Ready to Let it all Hang Out?"

Are you ready for this? It's high above the Alberta Rockies, on board the Jasper Skytram. Here, both gondolas will stop in the middle of the line - the team members doing the Roadblock task in one tram, their teammates in the other. No, I don't know exactly what the task involves, whether it is a bungee jump, or some other sadistically configured way to retrieve the next clue. For the record, I am not sure it is a bungee jump. It looks more like a clue retrieval with the team member having to hang in mid-air to grab the envelope. Besides, the key word here is "hang", right? Not jump, or throw, or whatever. I wish the clue was, "Who's ready to let it all hang DOWN?" Just so I could get an Eric Clapton earworm. Oh well. Whatever it is, it will be the oooh-ahhh moment of the premiere. I remember Production tweeting out a tease about one task they have lined up being really crazy. Is this it, I wonder?

I don't know where the Pitstop is, but I am sure it will be a scenic spot. I mean, they are in Jasper, after all.

Who wins the leg? I can't be 100% but I will tell you what I know. Steph and Kristen were observed at the Leg 4 Pitstop, handing over an Express Pass to another team. So, I have to go with the fact EPs are usually awarded to the Leg 1 winners and say these girls take leg 1. Of course, there is always the possibility that they will repeat last season's Express Pass offering and the girls won it somewhere along the way. If that's the case, then the leg 1 winner is anyone's guess.  I know this is not the answer all you Jemmett fans want to hear, but don't give up on them just yet, okay?

It also looks like a couple of teams had big problems and got themselves lost in Jasper, so I suspect this will be a factor in the team elimination. There may even be a dramatic footrace to the Pitstop. So, it is with a heavy heart that I must report my fellow Windsorites, Anthony and Brandon will be the first-outs this year. Cheer up fellas, you are now part of the club that includes Treena & Tennille, Shayla & Nabeela, and Max & Elias. But (sigh) why did it have to be them? Why? Especially since Anthony and Brandon entered the race with such good intentions.

Enjoy the show. Then look for my Episode 1 Recap next week, and watch me fulfill an ill-conceived promise to maybe give some TAR recapper guy named Logan a shoutout. Maybe.

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