Saturday, 15 August 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview of Episode 7 "I Dream About Eating Sandwiches" OR...Sing Another Prairie Tune

There are SPOILERS here...
Just so you'll know, I touch on the next three episodes,
and the "end game".
And there isn't a lentil in sight!

Sing another prairie tune...

There. I HAD to say it. Damn it, I've been waiting for 3 seasons now to refer to this song. So without further ado, here for your listening enjoyment is the original, the incomparable, the one and only... Burton Cummings and the Guess Who, singing "Running Back to Saskatoon"....

But unlike the song, the teams won't be "learnin' 'bout tires" or "workin' on words...phrases", Instead they are going to be "working on airline schedules...times."

See what I did there?

Sheldon's theory for episode 7, with a little help from me of course.
Because that's exactly what the teams will be doing as soon as they land in Saskatoon. Right there on the airport tarmac. Obviously another sponsor challenge, this one by Air Canada. From the preview, we see some very confused teams trying to calculate...something or other. Perhaps the fastest route from point A to Point B. For reference, there is an entire Air Canada system map, and departure/arrival schedules for The Americas, Europe and Asia. You know, those kind of old-timey boards before the internet and Expedia or Travelocity came along so we don't have to worry about this kind of crap any more. The problem is that nasty time change factor. Each team is given a white board to do their math. Some of the boards look kind of like they were written by Sheldon or Leonard. It also looks as though all the teams have no qualms checking each others' work. Apparently Kristin has never heard of Greenwich Mean Time. Brian relies on Cynthia to figure this one out because he can't count past ten without removing his shoes. That stinks. Sean and Brent consider using their Express Pass...will they? It would be a good time for them to, wouldn't it? Well, I really think they are going to tough it out and save it for another time.

Just as long as teams "don't come from Hong Kong", I think they'll eventually figure it out. Although Cynthia's board does have "Hong Kong" on it. Oh oh. And she has written DELI instead of Delhi. Silly girl. Is that where the title quote comes from? Is it another Brian comment? I can totally see the fact she misspelled it, and he is probably hungry at the time. Or, or, or maybe it's from Kristin! The word, and not the pronunciation of Greenwich...looks like sandwich! Does Kristin dream about sandwiches?

Brent and Sean... considering their Express Pass
And the spoiler in me wonders if that "unknown leg 8" destination is hidden somewhere on that schedule. Why not?...Delhi is on there! Hmmn, I wonder!

The Roadblock this week is at Apex Trampoline Park and it looks like a blast. That is if you are there enjoying a day out with your kids and not depending on your performance to get ahead in the race. It looks as though one member from each team will have to bounce their way over some obstacles. Good times. One thing is for sure, you have to be in great shape to do this - it's definitely a lot harder than it looks.

One side of the Detour is erecting a traditional Northern Plains tipi at Wanuskewin Heritage Park. This centre is located where Northern Plains tribes have gathered for over 6,000 years. The preview shows Nick and Matt in a sticky situation, being repeatedly denied by the judge. They can't seem to get their sticks right. The other task is learning and performing a traditional Hoop Dance.

There is one other puzzling task - performing the Red River Jig on the grounds of the University of Saskatchewan. Odd, I know because that means there are two dance tasks. Is one another Face Off? Meh, I don't think so. The only other possibility is that the Jig is part of the Detour and the Hoop Dance is just before the Pitstop. Yes, teams were seen doing both dances.

Now for the part that I always regret, especially when we have reached the halfway point of the season and we have all gotten to know these teams and picked out our favourites.

Here's the thing. Following this leg is an unknown leg (at least I think there is), then it's off to Delhi, India before returning home for the last three legs. By my calculations, either Leg 8 or 9 SHOULD be an NEL or a KOR. This leg won't be. That After the Race mid-season recap show airs this week, and I think the intention is to give attention to the first half of the cast who were eliminated. That means 6 teams. [UPDATE Aug 18: 6 teams WILL appear, as per the show's FB page].

I know the 5 teams who make it back to Canada and the two teams who don't.

Prepare yourselves for it...

Those two teams are Brian & Cynthia and Neil & Kristen.

And if I had to guess, I'd say this week it's Neil & Kristin. No. Brian & Cynthia. Make that Neil & Kristin. Okay, final answer. Neil & Kristen.

Which also means the five teams in the end game - the last 3 legs when teams return to Canada, in alphabetical order, are:

Brent and Sean
Dujean and Leilani
Gino and Jesse
Nick and Matt
Simi and Ope

So, how are we feeling about that?