Sunday, 23 August 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview of Episode 8 "All of These Are the Same"

There are only five episodes left to this season. This week, the six remaining teams are off to Kolkata, India.

Just a quick post for this week's episode because there weren't any filming spoilers for this leg. NONE. AT. ALL. If you've been following my posts, you know this leg was complete speculation due to the gap in sightings.
All I knew is that they exchanged currency at the Saskatoon airport then flew to Vancouver. Teams were not heard from again until Delhi, India (Leg 9).

They have to duplicate the moves of the couple in the background.
This week's previews don't give us very many hints either:
  • Sean and Brent are seen doing some sort of task involving double yoga...??? Brent falls and hurts his head and/or neck. Don't worry it's not going to take them out of the Race.
  • Sean and Brent are the first at the ferry (I presume it is a ferry across the Hooghly River). They say they nailed the first challenge (maybe the yoga task?) and are hoping they are ahead of the other teams, especially Gino and Jesse. However, Simi and Ope and then Nick and Matt show up. Just as the ferry pulls anchor, Gino and Jesse come along. The tease is if the brothers Montani make the ferry.
  • Nick is seen pulling a rickshaw full of cloth bags in what is probably the Roadblock.
  • Looks like most of the teams don't fare too well in the chaos that is Kolkata and a foreign language, The stress and frustration gets some teammates fighting, especially Brian & Cynthia and Gino & Jesse. 

Probable Roadblock? I have no idea what's in those sacks, but that rickshaw looks heavy!
This episode should be everything fans love about the Race. Confusion, bad cabs, traffic, great tasks, bickering. language difficulties and more.

Based on their past performances in the South American legs, I don't think Gino and Jesse will do well. I think the winners of this leg will be a team who can keep calm  amid confusion. Nick & Matt, Simi & Ope or Sean & Brent.

As for this week's elimination...

Either this leg in Kolkata or the next in Delhi will be an NEL (we haven't had one yet!) or a KOR. However, I don't think we will see one this week - it's too soon. Whichever way this plays out, Brian and Cynthia will be ending their race in India. Although this couple have provided us with lots of laughs early on, they've just been a wee bit grumpy since Leg 5. I just hope they don't go out on a sour note.

Sorry, I won't be live-tweeting this episode Wednesday night...I'll be away for a few days. That's right...I will be missing this episode! Don't worry, I will catch up quickly, and get my recap up ASAP. So have fun watching and see you next week.

Since my spoilers this week are a bit thin, I will compensate by leaving you with a little something to think about from my file called...

 "Have You Noticed This?"

This is Gino and Jesse reading their Leg 7 Pitstart clue. Take a close look. See something? If not, we'll talk later!