Saturday, 29 August 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview of Episode 9 "Take Your Clue and Goooo!"

The final five remaining teams who will fly from Kolkata to Delhi, India are:
  • Dujean and Leilani
  • Nick and Matt
  • Brent and Sean
  • Ope and Simi
  • Gino and Jesse

Look for this leg to have as much confusion, chaos and navigation problems as the leg in Kolkata. It's still India after all. The first task will be for a Route Marker clue and it looks to be catching and transporting fish traditionally...with a basket on top of their heads. Both team members must do this. If I had to guess, I would say they must transport a certain number of pounds of fish from one tank to another. The slippery things will cause all sorts of problems, especially for Sean who seems to be afraid of them.

The Roadblock this week is the art of turban wrapping. That's pretty self-explanatory. It's also very precise. With one member of each team having to work with yards and yards of fabric, you can bet someone is going to get tangled up.

The Detour will be a choice between spices (this occurred at the Chandi Chowk Spice Market, Khari Baoli Street in Old Delhi) and wrestling. Nick & Matt, Gino & Jesse, and Dujean & Leilani pick wrestling. Simi and Ope work with chilis and it looks like Ope may have rubbed his eyes or a seed got in there. Either way, it's got to be a problem. As for Sean and Brent, I can't see them doing the wrestling - they will probably do the spice task..

The Pitstop this week is at Humayan's Tomb and the greeter with Jon is a woman in a sari. Of course, it's anyone's guess who the winner will be, but with wrestling being a task this week, I have to give the advantage to Nick and Matt. Will this be the week the Wrestling duo finally take a win? By the way, they STILL have the lowest average placement at 3.38. Goooo guys, goooo!!!

And before anyone complains about favouritism and a wrestling task when professional wrestlers are in the cast....don't even go there. Think of all the dancing there has been while Dujean and Leilani are dancers. Besides, I always say...REMEMBER THE FIVE HOLE!

And the answer to the question of who will be eliminated is....NO ONE. Of course we already knew there would be no elimination this week. Five teams remain and five teams can be accounted for when they return to Canada for the next leg in Summerland, B.C. I thought this was going to be an NEL, but with an episode title like "Take Your Clue and Goooo!", I now think it will be another KOR. So, that means there will be no non-eliminations and no Speedbumps this season. Maybe it's just as well. No Speedbump in our Canadian version has ever caused the elimination of any team. And I can see the last place team standing on the mat expecting Jon to tell them they have been eliminated. When the greeter pulls the next clue out from her sari, Jon says, "Take your clue and goooo!"