Friday, 7 August 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview of Episode 6 "Who is Alex Trebek?" OR...I'll Take Sudbury for $1000 Please, Alex

Yes, there are spoilers here!
Do I really have to keep warning you?
Oh and just so you'll know...
It's nothing we don't already suspect.

Nice title, eh? Is it just some out-of-the-blue, random quote from one of the racers, or is there some other reason for it? Is there anyone on the face of the Earth who doesn't know who Alex Trebek is?

So...rumour is a well known celebrity will make a cameo appearance in this episode. At some point along the race trail, does Canada's own, smooth talking, hunk of game show goodness, Alex Trebek make an appearance? Why Alex Trebek, you ask? Well, you see, along with Science North, Laurentian University, the nickel mines and of course the Big Nickel, Sudbury is also well known for giving us the one and only... Alex Trebek.

And Alex Trebek DID have a homecoming during the show's filming!

Route Marker Task #1: 
The first stop is at Vale Mines. Teams will descend blah, blah, blah meters down into the mine. Who cares how deep it's frigging deep. For crap sakes, astrophysicists used that mine to try to detect neutrinos. I.m telling you, Thorin Oakenshield would be jealous of that mine. Saruman would say they dug too greedily and too deep! By the way, nice shot of Neil and Kristen's faces as the mine's elevator door opens. It's like they just discovered a time machine made from a Delorean. Whatever it is they are looking at, I hope it's Alex Trebek and NOT a Balrog.

All in a row. This must MEAN something.
This week's Roadblock seems to be an Emergency Room recreation. One member from each team must step into the shoes of an ER Doctor and perform CPR in front of the patient's family. Yes, the "patient" is a CPR dummy. The preview has potential for some humour...Nic is seen failing to revive the patient, then punches the wall in a very George Clooney/ER style moment.

Route Marker Task #2 or Fast Forward:
Sudbury is such a generous, hospitable town. They even provided lunch for the Science North. Just kidding. But in the preview we see Gino and Jesse presented with a tray full of some sort of maggoty, mealy-bugs-type of big pile of yuck, and told it is their lunch. I don't know if they were just kidding or not, but this show is due for a bug eating challenge. This task could be a just a Route marker OR it could be a Fast Forward. If it's a Fast Forward, I kind of hope the guys don't do it just because I don't want another Gino & Jesse win. Besides, I would like to see some of the other teams try it.

Me: I'll take Phobias for five hundred please Alex.
Alex: The answer is....Brent.
Me: Who is afraid of weird food textures?
ding, ding, ding.

Me: Phobias for a thousand please Alex.
Alex: The answer is...Kristen.
Me: Who is afraid of centipedes?
ding, ding, ding

Thanks to sightings during filming at Laurentian University, we know it's called "Analyze OR Synchronize" and it will be a choice between a forensics style task or synchronized swimming. The preview shows Sean and Brent attempting the swimming, complete with flowery retro-type swimming caps. All I can think of is Martin Short's spoof of male synchro teams. We can also see Brian and Cynthia at the Analyze side of the Detour alongside Neil and Kristen. Brian explains that he and Cynthia are "undercover" and have no intention of letting other teams know they are cops. They are going to play dumb with all the police and crime scene terms. Sounds great.

(UPDATED) The Pitstop Unknown. Looks like the Big Nickel will only be the site of a clue box. However, in the latest teaser with Jon Montgomery and Alex Trebek, we can see they are next to a lake.

My first inclination was Alex Trebek will be the greeter, standing beside Jon, but he could just as easily be at Laurentian U or Science North. It's all good.

But read that title..."Who is Alex Trebek?" That sounds like...Jeopardy!, and not just something one of the racers say in passing. After all, everyone knows who Alex Trebek is.

Me: "I'll take TV Hosts for a thousand please, Alex."
Alex: "This game show host was born in Sudbury, Ontario.
Me: "Who is Alex Trebek?"
Ding, ding, ding.

Then I thought how funny it would be if these teams come off of a very exhausting Keep on Racing from Les Iles de la Madeleine, travel all the way to Sudbury (they had to have taken at least 3 flights), descend all the way down into the mine, make their way to some side vein in the mine, just to find Alex Trebek waiting for them with their next clue?

This is all just my speculation of course, and I'm trying to have a little bit of fun with it. But, please, by all the powers of the Game Show Gods, let this be the case!

Moving on...

And I know I was completely wrong with the eliminations last week, and that you have zero confidence in me where this part is concerned. Hey, you win some, you lose some. The spoiler business is full of missteps. But here is what I can tell you. Nic and Sabrina were not spotted during filming since they were last seen digging on the beach on Les Iles de la Madeleine. So it could be them. It should be them. Bless their hearts, they are great to watch but they just don't seem to be made of "the right stuff" for this show. And even their biggest fans have to admit, by all rights these two would have been eliminated last week if it weren't for some production missteps and mishaps on two of the challenges. Hypothermia is a cruel thing.

HOWEVER....full disclosure and all that rot. I have to tell you there is one other team who was not spotted past this leg in Sudbury. You are not going to like it. I sure as hell don't like it.

It's Brian and Cynthia.

Like I have explained countless times before, a lack of sightings doesn't mean squat in the short term. Even I fell down that slippery slope in that last episode. (Please forgive me?) But in the long term, I can tell you the other six teams are accounted for in leg 7 and/or beyond. I also refuse to believe that Nic and Sabrina will outpace Brian and Cynthia. Just can't see that happening. I think my head may explode if Nic and Sabrina survive because of some other twist of fate. Geesh. Please, oh puhleese may Brian and Cynthia survive at least one more leg!

Once again, I will be live Tweeting the 9 P.M. Eastern show.
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So, what do you think of the show going to Sudbury? Are you glad there are more legs in Canada? Or are you ticked that there is another Ontario leg when there are some other major Canadian cities that have not been visited? Feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you! BUT...

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