Monday, 25 January 2016

Big Brother Canada 4 House Reno Teasers

These pics from Peter Faragher (Production Designer)

A photo posted by Pete Faragher (@faracaster) on

A photo posted by Pete Faragher (@faracaster) on

Notice the #straightjacket.... yes, the theme could be modeled after a mental facility, but more than likely it is meant to convey the fact they are under pressure to finish the new set - to meet a deadline. And they are almost done, hence the #finishline!

So, what could the theme be?

The main paint colours are red, blue, a poopy-green and black. Personally, I think these colours have the potential for some very depressing sets if they are not used correctly. If you can say anything about previous BBCan house sets, it is they have always been bright and airy. I just hope they maintain it.

There was one self-proclaimed "spoiler" on Twitter who claimed this year's theme was SPACE. (FYI: for various reasons, some of this poster's other spoilers were either erroneous or easily deduced) These colours would fit.  And what of that black vinyl upholstery? Padded walls in the Have-Not Room? A new Diary Room chair? A black hole? A club or casino? Hmmn. Now, that's interesting.

Is there another theme? It may be just me, but that upholstery combined with those colours look awfully 70's to me. Like Classic Rock.

Stay tuned, I'm sure there is more to come!