Tuesday, 19 January 2016

MasterChef Canada Season 3: Top 40 Audition Results

Episode 1 is available to view NOW at http://masterchefcanada.ctv.ca/

Episode 1 will air Sunday, February 14, and Episode 2 on the 21.

The status below reflects the results to date, including those from the preview.


The above reflects the results after the preliminary audition process only, and not the results from the two "second chance" challenges.

There is a new format this year. During the "Top 40" Auditions, the Home Chefs MUST earn an unanimous approval from the 3 judges to get their white apron and automatically advance to the Top 14 and a spot in the MasterChef Canada Kitchen.

YES = unanimous decision
NO = none of the judges approved
MUST COMPETE = the Home Chef received 1/3 or 2/3 approvals and will compete in Episode 2 in the MasterChef Canada Kitchen.