Sunday, 10 January 2016

Big Brother Canada 4...Lots 'n Lots of Rumours

****With Updates Below***

People are getting restless for the next season of Big Brother Canada. Maybe a tad frustrated too. TPTB are doing a wonderful job keeping it all under wraps.

Whenever the new season premieres, I will be ready with complete coverage: cast review; episode recaps; HG weekly standings; and Live Feeds recaps.

What the hell are they going to do with that War Room/Vault space this Year?

No, there has NOT....I repeat...HAS NOT been any formal announcement concerning the Season 4 premiere....YET.

BUT, there is a tentative date that was pitched to prospective sponsors. That date is Monday, February 29, 2016.

I must warn you about the "tentative" part. That pitch was put out last year, and Global's current prime-time schedule seems very firm.

However ...

Let's pretend the premiere is February 29th and speculate on some other important dates, based on Season 3 happenings. Now remember, this is all just rumour combined with a bit of conjecture on my part.

  • S3 Sponsor Announcement and official show site relaunch were March 13, 2015. Expect S4's on February 19.
  • S3 Cast Reveal was March 16 to 18 (a three-day reveal). Expect S4 during week of February 22
  • S3 Cast Move in: On or about March 19. Expect S4 on or about February 25 (this should correspond to the official house reveal, which is what happened last year)
  • S3 First Eviction and Live Feeds: Wednesday, March 25. Expect the first S4 Eviction Wednesday, March 2.
  • S3 After Dark Premiere was Thursday, March 26 (on Slice). Expect S4 to begin Thursday, March 3 (3 to 6 A.M.)
  • S3 Side Show Premiere was Thursday, March 26 (on Slice). Expect S4 to premiere Thursday, March 3

In the meantime...remember last year's first "official" teases of a premiere date? It came from Gary Levy on Twitter....on January 19th, 2015!!! We are overdue.

On your mark...

Update (January 15, 2016): There have been a series of rumours circulating around Twitter.  (Big surprise). One of these is that the season will "feature" past cast members. This can mean anything. BUT this rumour has now grown into a monster with people believing Season 4 is an All-Star cast. Or Second Chances. Or Fans vs. Faves. Or...whatever. The rumour picked up steam with 24 Hours BUT that wasn't the original source who specified it was not an all-star season.

My thoughts? Well, I think with 3 seasons under its belt, Big Brother Canada can dispense with the BBUS stars who make guest appearances. Our Canadian version now has a deep enough pool of alumni/talent/fandom from which to pick, and that is what is meant by the word, "feature". There are a multitude of ways this could play out, here are a couple:
  • Strategy sessions similar to Neda meeting with Jillian and Emmett in the S2 War Room
  • Jury consultations
  • Extended stay similar to Dan Gheesling's visit in Season 1. He had strategy sessions with all the HGs.
  • New host(s) on Side Show
Update (January 18,2016):


Did we just see our first confirmation from Robyn Kass? Stay tuned! (this tweet was later deleted!)

Now, there is a call for BBCan fans to film a commercial Wednesday, Feb. 3rd. I suspect we won't hear any news of a premiere date until this is filmed and/or aired. I am not concerned. TPTB know they have the fanbase and don't need to give advance notice. Besides, a lack of info only creates more buzz!

NOTE: Season 4's OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT was made today (Feb 3) 

Update February 12, 2016:  Posted on the official Facebook page, along with the tag, "Reality is an illusion". Now that's interesting. But the bottom line is, it still doesn't give us any clear indication of this year's theme. Could be Magic. Maybe it's just the nerd in me, but I am getting Twilight Zone/Matrix vibes. What do you think?