Monday, 18 January 2016

MasterChef Canada 3: Top 40 Announced

MasterChef Canada 3 premieres Sunday, February 14 at 7 P.M. ET/PT. In addition, the premiere episode will be available to viewers early through an exclusive preview beginning Monday, Feb. 8 at, the CTV GO app, and on set top box.(For more details, go to:

The Top 40 Home Chefs auditioning for a white apron are:

Alawn Lai,  Real Estate Developer, Markham, Ont.
Alex Gabriele, Sales Administrator, Montréal, Qué.
Allie Romao, Staffing Consultant, Edmonton, Alta.
Amanda Caruso, Costumer, Montréal, Qué.
Amanda Gill, Athletics and Student Life Coordinator,  Montréal, Qué.
April Lee Baker, Homemaker, Calgary, Alta.
Carlo Lato, Server, Montréal, Qué.
Carrla Cowley, High School Teacher, Sturgeon County, Alta.
Coco Perron, in Customer Service, Montréal, Qué.
Danae Daniels, Model, Vancouver, B.C.
Dave Kantor, VP Operations/Telecommunications, Edmonton, Alta.
David Young, Carpenter, Moncton, N.B.
Domingo Lumanog, Brand Manager, Calgary, Alta.
Dru Davids, Graphic Designer, Edmonton, Alta.
Elizabeth Bowers, Administrator, Toronto, Ont.
Ernie Chow, Management Consultant, Toronto, Ont.
Fanassa Kettle, Pharmacist, Montréal, Qué.
Jacqueline Clark, Accountant, Abbotsford, B.C.
Jasdeep Sra, Carpenter, Surrey, B.C.
Jennifer Baglione, Salon Manager, Maple, Ont.
Jeremy Senaris, Building Plan Examiner, Winnipeg, Man.
Jose Torres, Flight Attendant, Calgary, Alta.
Julia Mark, Makeup Artist, Burnaby, B.C.
Kendra Olesen, Server, Saskatoon, Sask.
Les Barr, Farmer, Digby, N.S.
Mags Kandis, Writer and Designer, Wellington, Ont.
Mary Berg, Insurance Broker, Toronto, Ont.
Matthew Astorga, Digital Design Consultant, Pitt Meadows, B.C.
Michelle Nault, Teacher, Bolton, Ont.
Mike Johnson, Student and Cheerleader, London, Ont.
Nicole Olthius, Stay-At-Home Mom, Cardston, Alta.
Reno Vaccaro, Phys Ed Teacher, Montréal, Qué.
Robyn Held, Investment Banker, Toronto, Ont.
Sean Hickey, Auto Worker, London, Ont.
Shawn Karls, Doctor, Montréal, Qué.
Terry Adido, PhD Law Student, Edmonton, Alta.
Travis Petersen, Manager/Oil and Gas Industry, Calgary, Alta.
Veronica Cham, Lawyer, Toronto, Ont.
Vince Spitale, Contractor, Pickering, Ont.
Zhara Mian, Unemployed. Toronto, Ont.

So what does "Top 40" mean? 

These 40 people will prepare their signature dish for judges Alvin Leung, Claudio Aprile, and Michael Bonacini. According to the official site, new this year is the proviso that these home cooks will need approval from all 3 judges to earn their white apron and a spot in the MasterChef kitchen. Previously, the auditioning home cooks only needed 2 out of 3 approvals. Only 14 of them will get that unanimous vote and move on to compete, which we will see in episode 2 on February 21, 2016.