Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Preview of Episode 4 "Shine Your Light"

There are SPOILERS here. You have been warned.

Just a very quick preview this week, so I will get right down to it.

  • Teams will travel by buses to Ho Chi Minh City
  • The Roadblock this week will involve rebuilding a motorcycle (or maybe just a scooter)
  • The Detour is at a Karaoke bar - it will be a choice between mixing cocktails or singing a song called "Shine Your Light" (hence the episode title). Anne & Tanya, Joel & Ashley, and Steph & Kristen choose to do cocktails, while Emmett & Jillian and Frankie & Amy will grace our screens with their singing. I don't know which task Rita & Yvette, Kelly & Kate or Julie & Lowell pick. Both tasks would be difficult for Lowell, but I would imagine Julie can help him with the lyrics.
  • There is an additional Route marker task. Teams must down a plate of local cuisine consisting of a whole bat, Larvae, crickets, centipedes and live coconut worms. Yes, some or most teams will have some trouble with this. The preview and sneak peak show glimpses of Anne crying and Ashley screaming while Joel stares at the plate. But I am waiting to see Jillian handling this. I can see the squeal meter in the red zone on this. I wonder if Steph and Kristen will use their Express Pass - it may be a good opportunity to do so.
  • The Pitstop is at Ho Chi Minh City Hall, in front of the large statue of Ho Chi Minh.  Steph and Kristen will hand their second Express Pass over to Frankie and Amy. It will probably be a surprise to the Mother and Daughter - we know that the girls lied to Stephane and Antoine last week, saying they didn't get it. And if you're wondering why they gave it to Frankie and Amy, think back to last week and the geese herding. Amy and Steph worked together to get their geese into their pens.
  • I don't know if Emmett & Jillian win this leg, but I suspect they do.
  • As to the eliminated team, it will be Anne and Tanya. I do know Joel and Ashley come close to elimination, the original intel on this suggested they were saved by this leg being an NEL. We know it's not a basic NEL, if that situation still happens. There is still a chance that Anne and Tanya drop out due to a combination of the heat and the bug-eating - creating an NEL by default. Or maybe they lag so far behind Jon must eliminate them at a task mid-race.

All in all, this leg, as well as the last leg are classic TAR! Don't miss it. Next week, it's back to Canada for what looks like a great leg in Haida Gwaii and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Don't miss that one either... it is going to be B-E-A-Utiful.

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