Friday, 8 July 2016

Amazing Race Canada 4 Preview of Episode 3: "Toads! Are You Kidding Me?"

What's that I hear? Oh! Could that monotonous drone be the sound of people complaining about teams leaving Canada? Again? Maybe you are one of those complaining that Canada and Vietnam don't have a history or connection. Well, if that's the case, you get an F-minus in History. So, your assignment this week is to find three points and/or events which connect Canada to Vietnam. Go now. GO!

Meanwhile, for the rest of you... There are spoilers here. Proceed with CAUTION. Or don't.

The Pitstart for Leg 3 is the pedestrian & cyclist Peace Bridge over the Bow River in Calgary. Teams will be directed to The Mekong Delta of Vietnam. More specifically, Cai Be in Tien Giang Province. This will be the first of two legs in Vietnam. Next week, they head off to Ho Chi Minh City.

And yes, the flight there will be an equalizer - all teams will begin the leg on an even footing. This will help Kelly & Kate who must face a Speedbump task for coming in last on the NEL.

The Roadblock this week is duck wrangling. One member from each team must herd a flock of ducks, then catch 2. We know from previews and other sources that Jillian, Amy, Ashley and Stephane do this. Kelly and Kate are there at the same time, so I imagine this will be the first task. Jillian will have a particularly hard time here, and the Exes will begin to trail the rest of the pack.

The Detour will be at the Cai Be Floating Market. Teams must take a water taxi. One side of the task is collecting various fruits and vegetables and delivering them to the task judge. Frankie & Amy; Julie & Lowell and Steph & Kristen were spotted doing this task together at roughly the same time. Jillian & Emmett and Stephane & Antoine also choose to do this one. The other side of the task seems to be collecting other goods - Rita and Yvette are seen in the CTV's sneak peek. And it will be the Detour task that REALLY causes problems for some teams in the 40C/104F heat.

It will probably be here that Kelly and Kate will have to do their Speedbump task. Apparently they have to harvest frogs and/or toads. And it's also the source of the title quote. I would have to guess they aren't too thrilled about them. Although it could be worse ecky-wise speaking. But wait..from what I hear, it will get worse. Much worse. But that's next week.

Don't expect Steph and Kristen to be handing that second Express Pass over to anyone this week. That too, will be next week. And I might add it looks like quite an emotional moment.

The Pitstop is at an eco-resort. Who takes this leg is anyone's guess. Personally, I am pulling for Steph and Kristen.or Stephane and Antoine* (*see below). Not because I am not a fan of Jillian and Emmett, but because I am not a fan of any one team dominating the legs. Okay? And I am saying Stephane and Antoine, IF they survive. Which leads me to talking about this week's elimination. And explain my mistake last week.

I said Stephane and Antoine would go last week, and Anne and Tanya would go this upcoming week.. That prediction was based on 3 points:
  1. We KNOW there are 7 teams who come back to Canada in leg 5. That number is firm.
  2. There was mention that Leg 4 (in Ho Chi Minh City) is a Non-Elimination leg (via Reality Fan Forum). Combine this with point 1, and you can conclude 3 teams must be eliminated in the first 3 episodes. 
  3. There was a published picture showing EIGHT teams in line in Cai Be, in front of what appears to be a sign up chart. The only teams missing were: Anthony and Brandon (of course) and Stephane and Antoine. Note: there is no way of knowing exactly when during the leg this picture was taken. 

So everything SEEMED to confirm my predictions. Then we had that early NEL on Leg 2, which threw everything out of whack. So I went back to have another look at that damn picture, now with the knowledge of the teams and what they are doing on the leg.
The teams are:
1. Steph & Kristen
2. Kelly & Kate
3. Anne & Tanya
4. Jillian & Emmett
5. Frankie & Amy
6. Rita & Yvette
7. Julie & Lowell
8. Joel & Ashley

This time, I took into account the sign-up chart in front of Steph and Kristen. I think it is for the water taxi to the floating market and the Detour. The sneak peak suggests Joel and Ashley are trailing the pack - they are the last to get the taxi. I also noticed the part I circled in red. Is that the top of Stephane & Antoine's heads I see peeking out from behind the pile of hats? We also know that Jillian doesn't fair too well at the Roadblock. This is reflected in the picture, explaining why they are 4th (or 5th?) in line.

There are now a few scenarios that could play out (keep in mind that only 7 teams survive after Leg 4):

  1. If it turns out Leg 4 is NOT an NEL, then Anne & Tanya could be eliminated this week and Stephane & Antoine next week. From the previews, we know Tanya requires medical attention due to heat exhaustion. She and Anne could be pulled from the race.
  2. OR... it's the other way around. Stephane & Antoine could be eliminated this week, the Single Moms next week. However...
  3. Although Tanya is specifically pointed out in the preview, they also show Jillian and Stephane trying to deal with the heat. According to Bill Brioux/The Canadian Press (see link below), 2 cast members and 2 crew required medical attention. If that report of an NEL on Leg 4 is TRUE, what if Tanya AND Stephane must be pulled from the Race? Two teams getting pulled would absolutely necessitate an NEL by default in Ho Chi Minh City, wouldn't it?
  4. Or one team is pulled due to heat-exhaustion this week, and another is pulled next week. Could be the same reason, or an injury.

Right now I am kind of thinking two teams will be forced to leave the race this week. Everything seems to fit. But I wouldn't put any money on that. I will probably change my mind tomorrow.

Oh, and I have one more prediction. Sorry Jillian. I know she's taking a lot of "heat" over all this squealing stuff. I think the heat is going to bring out the worst in several of the teams and it may drive Jillian over the top. I think she's really not going to enjoy catching those ducks at the Roadblock and that Detour looks exhausting. We've seen her get worked up when her and Emmett are in first place, so what will happen if they are further back in the pack? And if we can trust what that picture is telling us, they are NOT in the lead at that point. Jillian is very accustomed to winning. Anyone who watched her season of Big Brother Canada can tell you that. Listen up people... I don't blame her. I can't blame her. I know I would be a hundred times worse in that heat and under those circumstances, so maybe I can relate and that's why I see the humour in it.

Sources in Addition to Live Sightings: (includes the above mentioned picture, along with task and locale details for legs 3 and 4 - translated from a previous article)


  1. The complaints have already begun, and I'm finding it hard not to tell them exactly what I think of them. I've already unliked the page because I just can't handle it anymore.

    Excited for Vietnam. I've been there and, based on the previews, I've been to where they're going. The floating market in Cai Be is amazing.

  2. Heat, humidity and frustrating tasks would make me insane. Jill is so competitive so I can only imagine the pressure she felt. She tries extremely hard and I love her as a person. She can be so much fun and is not getting a great edit.IMO.Go Jemmett����������


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