Thursday, 28 July 2016

Preview of Episode 6 "Am I Really Operating the Plane?"

There are spoilers here, so I must
warn you NOT to click through,
unless you really want to know...

The six remaining teams who will make the long journey from Prince Rupert, British Columbia to Hamilton, Ontario are:
Steph and Kristen
Jillian and Emmett
Frankie and Amy
Joel and Ashley
Rita and Yvette
Julie & Lowell

The episode description says: "teams will receive messages from home." This sounds more like something that happens with a Big Brother Head of Household than something from TAR. It's a BMO sponsored segment, but let's just hope Ika Wong isn't the person asked to deliver the messages.

I also know from live sightings:
  • Teams had an usually long rest period in Prince Rupert after the pitstop. Several teams were seen walking around town - on several little "trips", including Julie & Lowell, Steph & Kristen and Frankie & Amy. They even stopped in at the local Subway.
  • The first stop after the Pit-START for leg 6 was at Rupert Square Mall, before flying to Hamilton. Yes, they were racing (race gear & backpacks) and not just out for another walk! I do not know if they had to book their trip there or catch a shuttle bus. But it is interesting that the local BMO branch is a block was this the location of the "messages from home "task"?
Expect the rivalry to heat up between Jillian & Emmett, Joel & Ashley, and Steph & Kristen. And I expect it to be the major storyline for the rest of the season.

Steph getting strapped in. She is pretty calm and blissfully unaware
of the EP drama taking place.
The Roadblock is at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. It looks like one person from each team gets to do some acrobatic flying in a vintage plane - and maybe even take the controls for a bit. The preview clearly shows all teams are there at the same time, and we can figure out that Jillian, Ashley, Steph, Julie and Rita do this RB. Frankie and Amy decide to use their Express Pass here, and the move is noticed by Emmett who wonders how they got it. Joel just stands there, playing dumb. Lowell, Kristen and both twins are also there. Rita is in her flight suit standing with the group, so it looks like she may be waiting her turn - which I presume is last. And I also think Rita and Yvette were inside the hangar when Frankie and Amy pulled out the EP, and then told the others standing there outside. Uh Oh. I told you nothing good would come of this lying-as-strategy bit from Steph and Kristen. Nothing. They thought they could avoid being a target if they lied about having it. The only thing it accomplished was to stop others from pestering them for it. Now they will become a bigger target. Even if the girls don't own up to having the Express Passes, Emmett will figure it out. The others know Frankie and Amy did not try to get the EPs on their own. They will also know that neither Stephane & Antoine nor Anne & Tanya won them, and the only ones who tried to get it was Steph and Kristen. Bamm. There's going to be trouble.

There is a task at Bayfront Park which is sponsored by MEC. Hey, we knew they would sponsor a task somewhere along the way. This one involves 3 tasks. Two of these tasks are kayaking (or maybe paddleboarding???) and rock climbing that we can see from the previews. Teams were also seen at Beasley Park, an inner-city skateboarding park. So as of now, I suspect skateboarding is the third part of this task.

The Detour takes place at Collective Arts Beer, a unique craft brewery which is also an art gallery that supports the local arts community. One side of the Detour involves painting. We also know that alt-country band, Elliot Brood performed there that day and Lowell was seen on stage. So I am guessing the other side of the Detour is performance of some sort.

Jon at the Dundurn Castle Pitstop...just keep on racing, guys.
I do not know who wins this leg. Frankie and Amy use their EP with the intention of jumping into the lead. But can they maintain the lead this gives them? I think they might also use it because neither one wants to do stunt flying (or possibly take a quick turn controlling it). Will Steph and Kristen use theirs? I don't think so. No. They know there hasn't been a 2X U-Turn yet. But... maybe they'll use it on the next leg, where a 2X U-Turn awaits the teams at the Kingston Penitentiary.

The pitstop will be at Dundurn Castle, but THIS IS A NON-ELIMINATION KOR LEG...keep on racing leg. Teams will hit the mat, where Jon will give them their next clue and tell them to continue on to Leg 7 in Kingston, Ontario, taking ViaRail to get there! FINALLY, this show is having a rail leg!

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