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Jasmine's Bachelors: Part 1

Photo Courtesy: Corus Ent/W Network

Here are the first 5 of Jasmine Lorimer's 20 Bachelors, all vying to become her future ex-fiance:
(Additional names & bios will be added in additional posts, as they become available by Corus/W Network.)

Kevin P.
Spontaneous and adventurous at heart, Kevin sold everything he owned (except his ukulele!) and hit the road to pursue acting and modeling… and ended up traveling the globe for four years! Today, he is training to be a deckhand with the goal of creating a life that allows him to continue to live free and explore the world. Kevin is looking for a partner who is free-spirited and game to jump on board his latest adventure.
Age: 35
Birthdate: January 28, 1981
Occupation: Deckhand
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.
Height: 6’
Tattoos: None
Favourite Music: This changes weekly, but I love acoustic, live type stuff.
Top 3 favourite movies: Hard to answer... Vanilla Sky, Drive, Meet Joe Black
What is your favourite book and why? The Art of Happiness – The Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler. 
It's an easy to pick up guide to the age-old question of happiness.
Who is your hero? Right now? Bernie Sanders (anybody who stands up for what they believe in).
Special talent(s)? I can make a pretty good elephant noise. I can stand on my toes. I can solve a Rubik’s Cube. I can name every country, find it on a map and name its capital. I can say “thank you” in 25 different languages.
What is your most embarrassing moment? When Jillian Harris cut off all my hair. Ask her
about it.
What is your biggest date fear? Farting
What is your guilty pleasure? Dark Chocolate and salted caramel frozen yogurt.
What would an ex say are your three worst attributes? 1. My dislike of making plans 2. My need to eat every three hours for fear of getting “hangry” 3. My hate for texting
If you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings? I would make inventions to become super rich and then use that money to create a company that installs solar stations in remote areas to give power and internet access to developing countries with the aim to educate.
What is your greatest achievement to date? To become the person I am. It's taken a lot of work... and I’m still a work in progress. I'm also proud of my blog, which is a collection of my thoughts on life.
What are your three best attributes? My sense of humour, my sense of adventure and my compassion.

Olawale (Wale)
Emigrating with his family from Nigeria has taught Olawale (aka Wale) that with hard work, perseverance and a great attitude anything is possible. The 28-year old occupational therapist applies his boundless energy and enthusiasm to everything he does in life, including dating! Outgoing and magnetic, Olawale has no problem connecting with people or speaking his mind when the situation calls for it. A self-proclaimed “dope boyfriend”, he hopes his outgoing personality will catch the Bachelorette’s attention and ultimately win her heart.
Nickname: Wale. My close-knit high school friends growing up also called me “T-Jizzy”.
Age: 28
Birthdate: May 12, 1987
Occupation: Occupational Therapist
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Height: 5’7’’
Tattoos? Yes, one tattoo of the Nigerian Coat of Arms on my upper back.
Favourite music: Hip-hop, Rap, R&B, Dancehall, Reggae
Top 3 favourite movies: 1. Scarface 2. Casino 3. Goodfellas
What is your favourite book and why? J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher In The Rye – this is the first book that I read in school from beginning to the end.
Who is your hero? Mr. Tijani aka my dad
Special talent(s)? No special talents, unfortunately.
What is your most embarrassing moment? In grade 10 I presented a topic in front of a class full of people about the wrong topic. The topic was “Euthanasia” and I had thought the teacher had said “Youths in Asia”. That night I had prepped an oral presentation for the class about Cambodian “Youths in Asia” only to find out I was COMPLETELY wrong.
What is your biggest date fear? My biggest date fear is if my date were to stand up mid-dinner, throw her drink in my face, cause a scene, storm off and leave me sitting there all alone. That is a scenario often depicted in films, which would be very embarrassing.
What is your guilty pleasure? Candy – especially gummy candies
What’s your best date memory? Best date I’ve had involved amazing conversation, general interest in one another and never ending questions for one another.
What would an ex say are your three worst attributes? 1. Over analyze situations/topics 2. Occasionally stubborn 3. Tend to bottle up small issues until they turn into large issues
What is your greatest achievement to date? Graduating with my Masters degree in Occupational Therapy.
What are your three best attributes? Confident, Social, Ambitious

Twenty-five-year-old Seth is a recent business graduate and bartender with big dreams. For Seth, living a life of mediocrity is not an option, and it’s clear he is up for making the most out of every opportunity. The aspiring photographer describes himself as shy...but that hasn’t slowed down his dating life. In fact, his aloof and mysterious demeanor tends to attract a lot of female attention! Seth is confident the Bachelorette will be intrigued by his authenticity, and that she will want to learn more about him and what he has to offer.
Age: 25
Birthdate: August 9, 1990
Occupation: Bartender
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Height: 6’3”
Tattoos? None
Favourite music: Everything from Kanye West to the Rod Stewart, some artists I’m into right now include Future Islands, Flight Facilities, Zimmer, Angus n Julia Stone, Flume, Oh Wonder, No Vacation
Top 3 favorite movies: Happy Gilmore, City of God, Full Metal Jacket, Memento, A Place Beyond The Pines, Ex Machina, 12 Monkeys – I’m kind of a movie buff
What is your favourite book and why? 1984 by George Orwell or Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis
Who is your hero? My dad
Special talent(s)? Many
What is your most embarrassing moment? Jumped out of my car to fill up with gas and my pants fell down. I was...let’s say exposed to the lady filling up her car beside me (my underwear was ripped :l )
What is your biggest date fear? Having to rush out mid-date to use the bathroom.
What’s your guilty pleasure? I take a lot of baths.
What’s your best date memory? Drinking wine on Love Lock Bridge in Paris.
What would an ex say are your three worst attributes? Not jealous enough, hogging the bed and also eating in bed.
If you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings? Take care of family, friends and give to charity.
What is your greatest achievement to date? Paying my own way through University and also being accepted for the study-abroad program.
What are your three best attributes? Compassionate, down to earth, and curious.

As a Maître D' in trendy Old Montréal, 29-year-old Benoît is constantly surrounded by a bevy of beauties…and yet he is still searching for the love of his life. Benoît dreams of finding a loving wife and starting a family of his own, but he is holding out for the right girl – someone who knows what she wants, has a great sense of humour and is as outgoing and generous as he is. Benoît is ready to sweep the Bachelorette off her feet with his joie de vivre… and his sexy George St-Pierre’s French accent!
Age: 29
Birthdate: December 10, 1986
Occupation: Maître D' (Restaurant Manager)
Hometown: Montréal, QC
Height: 5’11
Tattoos? None
Favourite music: Punk-Rock, rock alternative
Top 3 favourite movies: 1. Robin Hood (2010) 2. Van Wilder 3. The Hills Have Eyes (2005)
What is your favourite book and why? Au Nom du Père et du fils (Francine Ouellette) – this French-Canadian book describes well the battle between the conservative church mentality versus the progressive thinking of the sciences during the 19th century in Québec. All this is mixed with the relations between the First Nations and the French colonists. History is one of my passions.
Who is your hero? My grandfather Louis-Philippe Savard. He started from nothing in a small city of Lac St-Jean. He had no education and didn’t know a single English word. He read a lot of books, moved to Montréal and became a great businessman. He traveled all around the world and even met the Pope Jean-Paul II. He died three years ago, but he will be my hero forever.
Special talent(s)? I love to dance!
What is your most embarrassing moment? Probably when I was a waiter in a resto-bar during university and I spilled a full pot of boiling hot tea on the back of a very old lady. She was so nice to me, but I felt so bad for her and mad at myself. It was the worst moment ever.
What is your biggest fear? Needles… I hate blood samples and vaccines. Even though I’m not watching it, I might faint.
What is your biggest date fear? Anything involving needles! Ha ha!
What is your guilty pleasure? I like Backstreet Boys songs. Every time I’m singing Karaoke or doing a LipSync Battle, I usually choose, ‘’I Want It That Way’’.
What would an ex say are your three worst attributes? Lack of patience and communication, and spending too much money
If you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings? Have my own restaurant, buy a Lamborghini, buy a neighborhood and build houses for all my closest friends and family, travel around the world and donate money for suicide prevention.
What is your greatest achievement to date? It can sound a bit weird, but I would say happiness. I am happy in every part of my life right now and I’m the reason for this.
What are your three best attributes? Loyal, generous and funny

Kevin W.
Thirty-two-year-old Kevin is a former Navy man and dedicated firefighter based in Toronto. He has put himself in many dangerous situations over the years, always with the goal of helping others. A family man at heart, Kevin talks to his mom everyday and adores his little niece. His dream is to one day have a relationship as strong as his parents’ and a family of his own. He strongly believes there is one person out there just for him, and for Kevin, this could be his chance to finally meet her.
Nickname: James Marsden
Age: 32
Birthdate: February 1, 1984
Occupation: Ex-Navy/Firefighter
Hometown: Waterloo, ON
Height: 6’1”
Tattoos? Yes, three – an arm sleeve, on ribs and back.
Favourite music: Country! Rap when working out.
Top 3 favourite movies: 1. The Beach 2. The Wolf of Wall Street 3. The Departed (Obvious man-crush on Leo)
What is your favourite book and why? Gone Girl. Loved the story and I couldn’t put it down.
Who is your hero? Every single firefighter who died in 9-11… all 343 of them.
What is your most embarrassing moment? When I fell onstage at military boot camp graduation. I bounced back up pretty quickly! A few hundred people were in the crowd… I still blame the guy ahead of me who was marching out of step.
What is your biggest date fear? Forgetting my wallet and leaving it to her to pay… and this fear is magnified when it comes to the first date.
What is your guilty pleasure? Listening to Ariana Grande through my headphones where no one else can hear it.
What would an ex say are your three worst attributes? 1. Trouble staying still 2. Easily bored 3. Hard on myself
What is your greatest achievement to date? Joining the best fire crew at the best fire department.
What are your three best attributes? Loyal, Responsible/driven, Fun


***All official info and photos courtesy of Corus Entertainment and W Network, 2016.

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