Friday, 19 August 2016

Preview of Episode 8 "I Just Wanna Win" in Havana, Cuba

Leg 8 heads to Havana, Cuba. I can hear the complainers now, droning on with their persistent crap about the Canadian Race should stay in Canada, and what does Cuba have to do with Canada? Well, you morons, think: the U.S. embargo on Cuba while Canada maintained a relationship with them. And also think of Trudeau and Castro. That's Pierre Elliot Trudeau, not Justin. Really. But I have figured out why these people are so adamant the show stays in Canada. They really don't know too much about their own country and have to depend on a reality program to learn about Canada. Well, watch TVO or go take a night class somewhere or something, because this is the format for Amazing Race Canada.

I've got SPOILERS here...

Okay, so not much is known about this leg, which isn't surprising at all seeing as how it's in Cuba. In fact, I'm surprised we know anything at all.

Here is what we know from filming spoilers and sightings:
  • Emmett and Jillian were seen at the Pitstart in Confederation Park in Kingston. It looks like they were asking for directions or info at the lighthouse at the foot of Clarence St. 
  • Teams had to travel by ViaRail back to Union Station in Toronto, then take the new UP (Union to Pearson Express train) to Pearson Int'l Airport. Steph and Kristen were in first place until the flight to Havana, which I think is safe to say will be an equalizer.
  • Frankie & Amy, and Joel & Ashley were spotted together at Alejandro Humboldt Museum, in Old Havana performing a dance routine. The girls were wearing pink dresses, while Joel wore a pink shirt and a Havana hat. This task is one side of the Detour. (see below for the other Detour task)
  • Teams were also rumoured to be at the Hemingway Room.
  • Teams were seen running towards and a line of parked cars - old cars, typically seen in Cuba due to the U.S. embargo. Yes, they will be using old cars in a self-driving leg, which sounds very cool.
From the official preview & sneak peek:
  • Of course, we all know Steph gives herself a nasty cut from a machete while trying to cut a stalk of sugar cane. This task looks like the other side of the Detour. Emmett and Jillian are there at the same time as the girls, so it will be interesting to see their reaction during the accident. According to the Montreal Gazette***, this takes place at the Museo del Ron Havana and teams must make the Cuban drink guarapo from the extracted cane syrup.
  • It's time for a Face-Off? Yep, it looks like last season's infamous task is back, and this time it's beach volleyball. Emmett & Jillian must play against Steph & Kristen, so you can expect it to be a true showdown, still harping on the Express Pass and U-Turn. (This takes place at Playas de Este***)
  • The Roadblock involves machining some sort of part. (Maybe a part for the old car that teams were seen running towards?) The preview shows Steph - with her hand bandaged, having trouble. Emmett looks on and says he would have helped her if the girls hadn't U-Turned them in Kingston. (This takes place at Pedritos Max Brakes***)
  • Additional locales: Bluenose Replica at Castillo de la Real Fuerza; The Hemingway Room at Ambos Mundo Hotel (this was a rumoured location).*** These are probable Route Markers.
  • The Montreal Gazette article also mentions a task involving a camera obscura, although it does not say where. This should be the one at Plaza Vieja.
  • The Pitstop is at La Divina Pastora.

No idea who wins this leg. We know Steph's accident caused her great pain and certainly hindered the team in further tasks, but it didn't eliminate them from the race. The question is did it hinder them enough to lose the leg? If so, it's anyone's game but I would put money on Jillian and Emmett. Who is eliminated? Well, that I know. Let me answer with this fictitious mat convo:

Jon: "Rita and Yvette, you are the last team to arrive."
Rita: "We kinda thought so, but we weren't going to give up!"
Yvette: "We hoped we could have gone farther, right to the end."
Jon: "Well girls, this is your lucky day, because THIS is a non-elimination leg!"
(Rita & Yvette either cry, or dance, or both.)

Yep, Rita and Yvette will be saved by yet another NEL, but they will have to face a Speedbump during the next leg in Sydney & Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. And that, my dear friends, is a totally different story.

And speaking of leg 9, I will be on vacation for two weeks, but I won't let you down. Next week's preview will cover Legs 9 and 10 and include both eliminations, and I will try to post early - possibly Wednesday. I will be back in time for the finale - thanks to that "20 Top Moments" episode last week, pushing back the schedule!

*** Additional locations provided by Melissa Hank, Postmedia News Montreal Gazette 8/19/16

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