Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Amazing Race Canada Preview of Episode 7 'We Don't Have Time to Go to the Bathroom'...In Iqaluit, Nunavut!!!

Ever wondered what these teams do when they really, really need to go to the bathroom...??? Well, normally I would just look for the nearest Tim Horton's. Yes, Iqaluit has Timmies, but they are self-serve kiosks. And before you go commenting about the weather...this was taped mid May. The high on May 18 was a beautiful -1.1, the low was -13.1. Certainly NOTHING that these teams aren't used to in Ottawa, Montreal, London or Edmonton.

This week the five remaining teams go to Iqaluit, Nunavut. Not a lot of info came out of Nunavut during filming back in May. Sorry. But here is what we do know:

  • The Tims must complete a Speed Bump. No, I don't know what it is but don't worry...they dodge this bullet AGAIN. Safe!
  • The teams have a clue that must be translated from Inuktitut into English.
  • Detour: They must build igloos at Sylvia Grinnel Park. Jet and Dave wonder why they didn't do the other challenge. One preview shows Holly and Brett having a hard time with this. One block tumbles and almost hits Holly in the head. With all the mishaps I'm surprised she didn't get a concussion. There is a LOT of over-reaction, panic and you can bet "Hol, Hol, Hol". And I'm pretty sure we will also hear Bones saying 'damn it, we're doctors, not igloo builders'. Looks like you can add 'playing in the snow' to the list of stuff they have never done, right underneath ice skating, cooking, and pretty much everything. Not that igloo building is a mandatory skill in Canada, but a childhood isn't a childhood unless you've at least built a snow fort. The other part of the Detour could be having to pull a sled - one team member wears snowshoes and pulls their partner sitting in a sled. Looks like they have to do this on a bit of an incline, so it's not going to be an easy task. (there is a chance that this is a separate challenge altogether)
  • The Roadblock is eating a 'local delicacy'. This could be 'maktaaq' - the outer layer of skin and blubber taken from a whale (Beluga or Narwhal). This is raw, usually cut up into small slices and swallowed whole. Not that I would know, I Googled it. The preview shows Celina trying to do this...complete with gagging sounds. If you're like me, and that sound alone can get you gagging like it's contagious disease, then I suggest you mute this part. Come on Celina....just do it!!! It's just like sushi. Except it's a mammal and not fish. And there's...blubber.
  • There is some dog-sledding....and you can expect to see some snowmobiles as well. These could be challenges, but are more likely used to get around...for example, Sylvia Grinnel Park is about 1 km from Iqaluit, and would make for a nice ride by sled or snowmobile.
  • They must also climb a snow-covered mountain. In the previews you can see Holly & Brett and Vanessa & Celina totally exhausted. Holly apologizes to Brett. Celina tells a very whiny Vanessa to 'shut up and come' ( comment). I can see the episode title, 'We Don't Have Time to Go to the Bathroom', being taken from this segment. How funny would it be to have to make an epic climb when you have to pee? Probably not funny in the moment, but just think of the story you could tell your grandkids? I think the finish line is up top (there is a shot of Jon and the local greeter) and one of these two teams will be eliminated. 
  • Which team gets sent home? Well, it looks like the time has finally come to say goodbye to that annoying 'Hol, Hol, Hol.'. Yep, I am pretty much done with the condescending "we're doctors" crap. But I am sure they just got a bad edit and are actually nice people in real life. Right?

You can also expect to see an extended segment promoting Nunavut. For the past 3 weeks, CTV has aired a beautiful commercial showcasing Nunavut as "the one place the teams stopped racing to have a look around', and now features a banner for The Amazing Race Canada.

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