Friday, 9 August 2013

The Amazing Race Canada Preview of Episode 5 'Death by Lentils' + Spoilers

Six teams now remain. Will there be another elimination this week, and if so, who will it be? Continue reading to find out.

The teams fly from Whitehorse, Yukon to Regina, Saskatchewan. Quite a long trip, with 2 connecting flights. Once in Regina, they will be in for a very tough leg. They must make their way to Saskcan, a grain plant just outside of Regina. Teams must dig through bins of lentils to find a Route Marker clue. Sounds easy enough, right? Holly has a meltdown after banging her head on the bin's crossbar. Something about her not being able to take this shit anymore. Well, it was some sort of psychological episode - I don't know about that kind of stuff. You would have to ask a doctor. Oh wait. Ask Holly and Brett! Did you know they are doctors?

Jet: "Ready for my inspection, sir!"
The clue they find here gets them runnin' back to...Regina. Sorry Saskatoon. It directs them to a Roadblock at the R.C.M.P. Heritage Centre. One person from each team must attend an R.C.M.P. Boot Camp. The inspector puts them through their paces. He's a formidable looking man, dressed to perfection in that incredible red uniform and carrying a horse whip. They must dress in cadet uniforms, and are then given inspections. There is a quick shot of their lockers getting rifled through...clothes and belongings getting the heave-ho. Jet seems to take it in stride - probably because he is a cop, and he's been there, done that. It should be easy for him, as long as he keeps it together and doesn't have too much fun with it. Besides, how can anyone intimidate a guy with muscles like that? I mean really. Hopefully Jody will do this one....he would have the discipline for it that's for sure. Brett will probably do this one, but I can see him trying to pawn it off again on Holly. I expect to see Joanne doing this, just because it's her turn for a Road Block. Tim Sr. seems a bit put off when he gets chewed out. Celina is reduced to tears or at least reduced to wet eye. Why? Maybe she broke a nail or didn't have hospital corners on her bedsheets or something, who knows. The inspector tells Celina, "In the Mounted Police, we don't cry". Ouch.

There's a Detour at the Saskatchewan Roughriders' Mosaic Stadium. It's a choice between learning a cheerleading
routine OR a series of football training exercises: kicking a field goal; tire obstacles; blah, blah blah.  Hmmn, that's easy, right? Ah...nope. It's going to be a son of a bitch. Jody and Cory do very well at the football portion. That's pretty much a given if you've ever seen their audition video. You can bet on Vanessa and Celina getting overly excited about the cheerleading, just because it sounds easier. It won't be. Jet and Dave could probably do either task, seeing as how Dave is a champion cheerleader. Hal & Joanne and the Tims also do football. As for Holly and Brett, there is no getting around their strategy of picking mental challenges before physical ones here - so they pick football. I suspect some teams will whine, some will cry, and there will be a lot of "Holl...Holl...Holl" and "Go, go, go" from Brett.
Double U-Turn: It's how you spell 'revenge'

Another thing to expect here is a 'Double U-Turn'. What, you ask, is that? Well a U-Turn occurs after teams finish one portion of a Detour. The first team to finish their Detour task is given an opportunity to force one of the other teams to go back and complete the other task in the Detour. If they don't U-Turn another team, it can be offered to the next team, and so on. 'Double" simply means that there are two U-Turns being offered. If a team is U-Turned, their picture is displayed on the board, along with a picture of the team that screwed them over. So basically, you have to really hate another team, consider them a huge threat, or feel like you may be eliminated. Unless it's a Double Secret U-Turn (not to be confused with a double secret probation like in Animal House). The secrecy part of it means you can just screw over any team you want. The U-Turn Board is located in the upper level of the stadium.

I think it's safe to say that at least one team will get U-Turned here, if not two. There has been enough resentment and dirty tricks for several of the teams to have big targets on their backs. It will be a test to see just how polite Canadians really are - will any of them say they're sorry? There was a nice shot in the preview at the end of last week's episode of Hal & Joanne trying to beat Holly & Brett up to the U-Turn board. Looks like it's going to get a bit dirty.

There is another task in front of Regina City Hall involving Ukrainian dancers. Probably another Roadblock with teams having to learn a few dance moves.

The Pit Stop for this leg is at Wascana Lake in the middle of Regina. There better be a frigging Mountie standing next to Jon on that mat. How Canadian would that be? If for no other reason than me being able to call them 'Monty and the Mountie'. And one thing is for sure, Monty needs to have that pitcher of beer, these teams are going to need it at the end of this leg.

As for the eliminated team, ...are you ready for this? You may want to sit down.

Yep, I am afraid that it's the end of the road for fan favs Hal and Joanne. They had a pretty damn good run. I am sure a lot of people are going to be calling it karma for taking advantage of Cory's mistake at the charter sign up in the last episode. Or for daring to say unkind things about Vanessa and Celina's eyelashes. Nope! Despite all those years of BodyBreakin', I'm sad to say the Detour will do them in. They may have even been U-Turned. And you know what their last words to Jon will be, don't you? Keep fit and have fun!

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