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The Amazing Race Canada: PREVIEW of Episode 8 'Clutch and Release'

There be spoilers here, matey.

This week, the four remaining teams will travel from Iqaluit to Nova Scotia's beautiful south shore. It's the same area that the TV series Haven is shot, and that production was filming at the same time. The preview at the end of last week's episode showed two things to worry about: another dreaded Double U-Turn; and what's worse, Jet and Dave fighting. Oh no.

They fly into Halifax and then it's a road trip to Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. But it's not smooth sailing for the girls - I guess they don't know how to drive stick. There's some trouble...they pull off to the side of the road, while other drivers' start honking. They were probably shown a few fingers as well, which I am pretty sure didn't mean they needed a manicure. Cheer up, don't you guys know that on a road trip getting there is half the fun? Should have stopped at that Timmies for a couple of double-doubles...I'm sure your Interac Flash budget could handle it.

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia (see notes)
It was hardly a surprise that Amazing Race Canada had set their eyes on filming in the small community of Mahone Bay. Seems everybody there knew. Production asked the town to recreate their annual Scarecrow Festival on May 20 (this year's real festival is to be held October 4th to 6th). They were asked to make 30 to 40 scarecrows. All of this was for a single Roadblock, which appears to be recreating a scarecrow. The exact location is the gazebo on Main St., right beside The Gazebo Cafe and Grill. It's here that Dave apparently loses his patience with Jet. I guess Jet just can't get his scarecrow looking like the sample or something. The scarecrow Jet picks is dressed like a harem girl. Not exactly scary in a scarecrow kind of way - more like a 'Chucky' kind of scarey. He's probably distracted, trying to think up a few one-liners. Maybe the preview is just making a bigger deal out of this than necessary. I think they just need to fill a drama 'void' now that the docs are gone.

Lunenburg dock - Lobster challenge. (see notes)
The Detour is in Lunenburg. It's either lobster fishing or identifying varieties of sausage. There was a sighting at the Grand Banker Bar, and apparently the teams must retrieve a clue from their chef. My guess is they have to deliver fresh lobster there. In the CTV Gamisodes extra preview, the girls are seen trying to identify different sausages from a stand with a sign that reads 'Wurstelstand'. Before you ask about German sausages in a fishing town, Lunenburg had an influx of German settlers.

Beautiful St. John's Anglican Church, Lunenburg, N.S. (see notes)
Then it's the second Double U-Turn. The board is located a couple of blocks from the docks where the lobster Detour was set up. It's inside St. John's Anglican Church. Wow, what a beautiful church. The preview shows the Tims wondering if they should U-Turn anyone. If they follow the same format as in the original U.S. series, they can't. There, the U'Turn can only be used once per team, and the Tims used theirs back in Regina on Hal and Joanne. BUT, Monty didn't say that when he explained the U-Turn rules back then. So, if they can, they probably will. They said their strategy is to U-Turn anyone they can. So we'll just have to see. It would depend on if they are in the lead, or if they have a target in mind.

The teams were also seen in the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. They were given a clue - the Canadian dime, and from what I can tell they were supposed to determine it's importance in Lunenburg. Apparently at least one team had to ask someone. Come on! Seriously? I mean really. What I really mean to say is...what the hell were they thinking? Canadian dime. It's right there in between the words 'Canada' and '10 cents'. Ship. It's called the Bluenose. It's supposed to be a Canadian icon. Like beavers, maple syrup and those guys wearing bright red coats that made them make their beds back in Regina. The Bluenose II is in Lunenburg. Geez. Last week's preview showed Jet and Dave in the museum. You know, I bet if they looked around, there just might be another over your shoulder, Jet.  I would put money on the locales getting a good laugh watching this episode. Even I anticipated a Bluenose connection as soon as the teams were spotted in Lunenburg. So I kept my eye on the lovely webcam positioned on the Bluenose II. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing the ship in it's full glory. It was covered and in dry dock for work being done on the hull. Shame really. Sure enough, the production vans showed up, set up the mat, and Monty and the local greeter got in position to welcome the teams.
The Bluenose II (see notes)

Three male teams showed up, and then the girls.

Of course, I can't say for sure if they are eliminated. But they were at the mat a long time.  So, let's look at a few facts:

There are 4 teams left, and after Nova Scotia, only 2 episodes remain: St. John's, Newfoundland and the finale in Toronto. Three teams race to the finale, so only one more team will be eliminated over these last 3 episodes. This could be a non-elimination, but that would be 3 non-elimination legs in a season consisting of only 10 episodes. That is unlikely. Or, Nova Scotia could the the first part of a double leg...where the teams "keep racing" on to Newfoundland.

  • Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. From Wikimedia Commons. Photo uploaded by user SimonP. (altered/cropped by myself for use here)
  • Dock in Lunenberg, in front of the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. From Wikimedia Commons. Photo uploaded by user Dlanglois
  • St. John's Anglican Church. from Wikimedia Commons. Photo uploaded by user Dr Wilson.,_Lunenburg.JPG
  • Bluenose II. From Wikimedia Commons. Photo uploaded by user Raphodon.

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