Thursday, 7 May 2015

Big Brother Canada 3 Houseguest Week-by-Week Results (Spoilers)


Week 1: All HGs were HoH, and had to vote for 2 people to nominate. Sindy and Risha were nominated. Sindy won PoV, saved herself and named Pilar as the new nominee. Canada was given 24 hours to vote. Risha was evicted, but put back into sequester for a KFC Twist.
Week 3: Double Eviction Week. Round 1 is an Instant Eviction. Live Feeds down from Thursday afternoon April 2 to Sunday April 5. Presume Round 1 nominees, Instant Eviction, Round 2 HoH comp, nominees, Have Not comp, PoV comp & Ceremony will be carried out during this blackout. ***2nd Round: Kevin was nominated, but saved by Johnny. Bobby and Graig are final noms.
Week 5: Sindy won the KFC First Five ticket back into the house, having immunity for 1 week.
Week 7: Triple Eviction week confirmed on April 29th Eviction Episode. Round 1 is a regular eviction. Round 2 has 3 nominees, 1 PoV, and 2 evictions. The vote was a vote to save NOT evict.
Week 8: Ashleigh nominated Sarah and Godfrey. Sarah used her PoV. Ashleigh nominated Brittnee as replacement. Brittnee won the secret HN superpower, taking herself and Godfrey off the block and nominating Bruno and Zach.
Week 9: In Round 2, Brittnee had to break a tied vote.
Week 10: Ashleigh was the only HG able to vote.
Jury Member voted out by F3: Jordan
Winner Comp 1: Godfrey
Winner Comp 2: Ashleigh
Winner Comp 3: Godfrey. Godfrey evicted Ashleigh
Final 2: Godfrey and Sarah
Sarah wins 5 to 2. Brittnee and Ashleigh's votes were not revealed on air, since nly 5 votes were needed to win - they were confirmed by Arisa Cox on Twitter.