Friday, 15 May 2015

BBCan3 Episode 23 Week 8 Eviction: Super Power Megalomaniac

I wish they would stop with these 10 minute recaps at the beginning of the episode. Okay, I'm exaggerating...but not by much. It was 6 minutes this week. Yeah, Brittnee's got the power. Who will fall prey to Brittnee's super power? Geesh. Enough with this schtick. We get it. Just get on with it will ya?

When you get a secret super power, you turn into this.
I have nothing against Brittnee (don't you hate it when people preface their opinion with that), but her DR sessions are the worst ever. It's a major tell just how scripted these things can get. Brittnee's a terrible actress when presented with a script or told what to say by production. It's completely unbelievable - like she really doesn't want to say these things and has to force it. If we were to believe the edit she is getting, we would think she was some kind of evil megalomaniac mastermind, hell bent on taking over the world. But, she is much better at the art of improvising and has done an incredible job of pretending to campaign or covering up the fact she has this super power. Damn good job.

Do we feel sorry for Ashleigh - going about like her HoH will actually mean something? Not really. Not when she is only still in this game because of her huge meat shield, Zach. Not to mention her complaining all week it's HER HoH and she won't be controlled by Zach - then turns around and does his bidding. Bah!!! She makes me sad.

Brittnee's goal is to make sure she comes to the right decisions with her renoms, so she approaches each of the other HGs, acting as if she is worried about being evicted and campaigning to stay. Bruno
Or...from the lowest point in the house, and in the pit of despair.
- a close ally of Godfrey who is on the block, tells her he is undecided. Right. Then there's Sarah who only knows Brittnee won some kind of super power. She has no idea what it is or if will save Brittnee from eviction. Sarah asks Brittnee about next week, and if they will target Zach or Bruno. In reality, I think Sarah was trying to get a feel for this power. To see how Brittnee reacts to the idea of being around next week. Or, if this power was some sort of Coup d'Etat, who Brittnee was targeting. Almost as if they were talking in code. Brittnee's quick response? Bruno.

Meanwhile, Bruno is happy he has been getting closer with Zach ever since he took Captain Canada off the block during the triple eviction. Zach went from Bruno's meat shield to a F2 alliance in a matter of days. They call themselves The Generals. Fine. But don't take it too seriously.

There is still friction between Sarah and Bruno, despite the two apologizing to each other over the big snit during the Triple Eviction. Bruno can't seem to leave it alone, and goes to talk to Sarah in the Have Not room. They are joined by Brittnee. A fight ensues, ending with Bruno swearing and walking off in a storm.

There is the obligatory scene with Brittnee, alone, trying to figure out her best move. She plays out different scenarios with the various options available to her with this power. She really wants to "shake up the whole house" or "blow it up" or something, but she also wants to make sure her target goes home.

Time for the Eviction Vote. Oh wait. First there is an update on the Jury House. Cut to JP complaining about Sindy Withaness being high maintenance, but looking more pussy-whipped than anything else. Enter Bobby - the first of the Triple Evictees, who confesses his not-so-secret veto was fake. JP is in shock. Then Willow and Kevin show up. JP's head almost explodes, wondering how the hell that happened. Willow explains to Bobby there was never a Girls' Alliance. Then they all drown their sorrows with their own hot tub party. This is shaping up to be a bitter jury come Finale Night.

Time for the Eviction Vote.

Oh wait. Yeah there is that little matter of Brittnee's super secret power. Arisa makes the announcement. Yes, Sarah and Brittnee were voted in as Have Nots this week by Canada. But that's not the twist. Sarah and Brittnee competed for a power....blah, blah, blah. Brittnee won and must remove one of the nominations, OR she has the option to remove both. AND she gets to name the replacements. AND she can vote too.

Godfrey is in shock.

Brittnee saves herself, of course. Then she puts the necklace over Godfrey's head. He's still in shock so he is unable to do a pirouette in the air. The tension builds as we await her renom choices. Well, no tension from the live-feeders. Just from people who only watch the aired episodes. She puts Zach and Bruno up with the proviso that Zach is the pawn. I wish she didn't do that - the vote could have gone completely different. Instead, Bruno is evicted unanimously 4 to 0. Like JP, he took it like a champ realizing it was all in the name of the game.

This next HoH comp, called "100 Minutes of Hell" looks simple, but hides a lot of strategy. They
Looks like Zach needs a bigger coffin.
must lay down in plexiglass "coffins" and buzz in when they think 100 minutes have passed. The key is to buzz in after the HG whom YOU DO NOT WANT to be the next HoH. Basically, if you can count to 6,000 you should be the next HoH, but Big Brother won't let it be that simple. They will be given lots of distractions. Vermin, anyone?

This is another cliffhanger and we officially won't know the next HoH until Sunday's show.
Bye bye Bruno. Let's hope there's room in the Jury House hot tub for you.