Sunday, 3 May 2015

BBCan3 Episode 17 Week 6 Eviction

Brittnee is a bit pissed off because she is on the block for a third time, "I came into this house to play the game, not to be the perfect pawn." Good argument, if she was actually playing the game instead of sitting around and staring off into empty space. Sarah knows. She feels she is carrying the load for Brittnee's game - and she doesn't want it to become too obvious. Sarah tells her, "From now on, we don't talk."

Then there is Sindy. Sindy screwed up her game by coming on too strong, too early, got evicted then given a second ticket in - with a one week immunity. What did she do with that golden opportunity? Instead of laying low she decides to shake up the house AGAIN. Imbecility at it's finest. She openly says she is going after Bobby, and that right there is the problem. Nobody messes with Bruno's right-hand man. Nobody.

No wonder they are both on the block.

BB decides that these guys spend too much time lazing about talking strategy way too much. The same things over and over again. Enough! Time to get these children out of the hot tub and up exercising. Their task is to Flintstone-power a car across Canada in teams of two. This also allows some HGs the opportunity to talk strategy with others they wouldn't necessarily do so with. BB also throws in a couple of obstacles along the way. Kevin and Sarah have to drive through a snowstorm. Willow and Ashleigh are stopped by a policeman (Kevin) for drunk driving. They obviously didn't heed the warning, because they later hit Marsha the Moose. Don't worry. She's fine. Moose are well known for surviving a hit by even a huge truck. Although Godfrey suggests they could cook her up because that's some fine meat there. Zach and Sindy must camp out in sleeping bags when the car conveniently breaks down. By "convenient", I mean that this was a great time for Sindy Withaness to do a little campaigning with Zach, trying to suggest that she is a better choice than Brittnee to keep around. I don't care for the Zach character, but I did feel sorry for him, having to listen to this relentless droning. When he finally rolls over and says, "let me think about it", I think what he really meant was, "shut the hell up, I want to get to sleep now."

Willow is so upset she hit Marsha, then tells us Marsha gave her a bottle of champagne. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. That is not what happened. Sarah - a Have Not who is not allowed to have extras, went to the DR and requested it for he date with Willow. BB gave it to her and this started a fury on Twitter and Facebook. Sounds like production is covering up with this explanation, BUT do they really think we didn't notice?

All the production interference in the world couldn't stop Sindy being evicted by unanimous vote. The girl didn't learn anything at all from her first eviction.

The comp for the week 7 HoH is called "Retribution". Its pretty simple. They have to rate - on a scale of 1 to 100, how likely statements about Sindy are. The HG with the largest discrepancy is eliminated, and if there is a tie, Sindy gets to decide the next HoH. Isn't that special. And because this episode ended with a cliffhanger after the first question, we get to see Sindy one more time on Sunday, May 3. Isn't that special?

Oh and one more thing. Week 7 will be a triple eviction week - the first one ever. Round 1 is a normal eviction, while Round 2 calls for 3 nominees and 2 people evicted. So prepare for one side of the house to take a hit this week...a real bad hit. And there is some speculation this week will see that thing in the Have Not Room rise from the floor and come into play. I suspect we will see the feeds down for at least a whole day, maybe Wednesday.