Sunday, 10 May 2015

BBCan3 Episode 20 The Triple Eviction Bloodbath

Finally, the big night is upon us. Three house guests will be heading off to the jury house.

But first...

We have to get a little background that will basically set the tone of the bloodbath. Because what's a good bloodbath without a good story to go with it?

Bobby is basically a goner, but he's not going to give up just yet - just like he never gave up on the Chop Shop. He's a pretty stubborn guy. He needs something, anything that he can use for ammo. So he sneaks out to the backyard and listens at the hot tub door. He overhears Ashley, Willow and Sarah bragging about how they chopped the Chop Shop. Alright!!! More proof there is a girls' alliance. Kinda. But it's something, and he can spin it to Zach to get that vote flipped.

But, tit for tat, Ashley, Willow, Sarah, and Pili take a turn listening to the guys at the hot tub. Funny how that happened. They hear Zach tell Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby he has a "good take on Ash." Oh, oh. Ashley's not very happy about this.

Now the strange thing here is that Brittnee is nowhere to be seen and isn't involved in any of this. Too bad, because if she was there she would have seen this for herself.

Despite all this, Bobby is evicted unanimously 7 to 0. So much for the Chop Shop. So much for Bruno's loyalty. So much for the guys trying to flip the vote against this so-called Girls' Alliance.

One down and two to go.

The HoH Comp is called "Talk of the Block" - a simple A or B trivia on past nominations and veto ceremonies. The winner is Brittnee - the one person who wasn't involved in all the guy vs girl drama.

Arisa tells them to head directly to the living room, where she tells them this week is very different and tonight, two more of them will be leaving. A wave of shock and fear spreads among them. Give me a break. They suspected something big was coming up. After all, there are still 9 of them left in the house, and there's only 3 weeks left. Brittnee is given only a few minutes to decide on her noms so she hauls Sarah into the storage room. Sarah tells her to prioritize the others by their threat level, so Brittnee nominates Zach, Kevin and Pili. It's clearly an attempt to break up the Diaper Alliance.

The PoV comp is called "BB Workshop". They must find gears with the names of evicted house guests, arrange them in order, then turn the gears to illuminate a lightbulb. Bruno wins. He chooses to use it to take Zach off the block.

Brittnee names Willow as the replacement nominee. Good for her game but bad, bad, bad for Sarah. Truth be told, Sarah didn't exactly press Brittnee back in the storage room how unhappy she would be if Willow went up on the block.

What happened next is something we didn't see. Before the vote, everyone was given a few minutes to decide on their vote. Bruno and Godfrey are talking in the storage room when Sarah comes in to quickly say, "We're saving Willow, right?" Bruno rips into her - bringing up the guy/girl ratio. That's a nice way to put it. Godfrey actually has to hold Bruno back. I know the stress must be getting to these guys, but this incident just bumped Bruno down to the bottom of my list to win. Bad form, Bruno. Bad form.

With 3 nominees, the vote is a vote to save, not evict. Sarah, Godfrey and Ashleigh vote to save Pilar. Zack and Bruno vote to save Willow. Of course, you're asking: why did Sarah not vote to save Willow? Remember what just happened in the storage room? Sarah was sure the guys were going to save Kevin, so she voted to save Pilar hoping at least one girl would survive the vote.

Kevin and Willow are evicted.

Be sure to watch the next episode on Sunday at 7 PM...we'll get to see the aftermath - including Bruno apologizing to Sarah, and both he and Zach continuing to call her a snake. I think these guys better look in the mirror. Geesh.

And one last thing. The last Twistos Twist of the season is the Have Not special power. Canada votes in 2 Have Nots who will compete to win the power - It's a Coup d'Etat. They MUST replace one of the nominees, but CAN also replace both.