Thursday, 28 May 2015

BBCan3 Finale Week Recap - Episodes 28 & 29 No Time For Quitters!

Oh Sarah, come know the numbers.
Okay, so here's the situation. It's Finale Week, and there are still lots and lots of gears and steam and punk left to see. Besides that, there are still 4 HGs left in the house: Ashleigh; Brittnee; Godfrey; and Sarah. Sarah is HoH and has put Godfrey and Ashleigh on the block. They have still not played for the final PoV.

Arisa gathers the last 4 to give them some not-so-surprising news. There is a special eviction in less than an hour. It's not really a surprise - after all, both we and they know one of them has to go. But in order to evict one of them, they must first play for the 2nd most important competition of the season. The final PoV. Sure, Sarah has secured a seat in the final 3, but she has absolutely no power in determining who leaves in this eviction. With only the 4 HGs remaining, only the PoV holder will vote to evict. It's all that matters.

This PoV is aptly called, "Fast Track to Finale", and it's a model railroader's dream. To be exact, it's
an O-gauge model railroader's dream. They're the bigger scale. Is it sad I know that? Anyway, two trains circle a perimeter track, with each pulling cars displaying numbers. The players must match the number on the train to a description found on the rooftop of houses, then line them up on each side of "Main Street". The descriptions refer to a day in the house or a number concerning an event. To make it even harder, there are extra houses with descriptions that don't belong. The house guest with the fastest time wins.
Brittnee's doomed if she does, doomed if she doesn't. Oh hell, she's just plain screwed.

Easy-peasy, right? Well you have to have a great memory and stay cool under pressure. Some can't handle it, and in this case it's Brittnee who looses it. In fact, she gives up. What makes it so sad is Brittnee would be the replacement nom if either Godfrey or Ashleigh win. That's exactly what happens. Ashleigh wins PoV, takes herself off the block and Sarah is frced to put Brittnee up as the renom. And since Ashleigh is the PoV holder and the only HG eligible to vote, she smartly decides t save Godfrey and votes out Brittnee. After all, Brittnee not only won too many comps, but is also favoured by the fans who voted for her in the Special Have Not Twist. As she leaves, Brittnee says, "I was a pawn, but I am leaving a Queen".

Which reminds me. Can people just stop calling these girls "Queens"??? Please. I mean, seriously? Ugh.

Arisa has one more twist, one more special announcement. She gathers Ashleigh, Godfrey and Sarah together to tell them the obvious again. There will be 10 Jury members and that's no good. There could be a tie with no means of breaking it. One of them has to go. So she sends the Final 3 into the Vault where they will stay until they can mutually agree on an evictee.

There it is. Sassy Ashy.
Oh sure, It starts out fine, but negotiations quickly break down when Godfrey points out he has no guaranteed vote on the jury because he made no strong alliances. Then Ashy gets sassy says "These are MY people", while holding up the pictures of Zach and Pilar. So we are left with the cliffhanger: who will they agree to evict? At this rate, they could be in the Vault for another month.

The Finale intro was an endless recap of the season. The only thing bearable about it was Arisa's appearance in her finale outfit. Gorgeous as usual in a dress that fit in comfortably with the steampunk season 3 house. But enough of that. Let's get to the 3 comps that determine the final HoH.
It's a good thing Arisa has nice knees

Yay! God saved the world! Move over Bruce Willis.
The first comp is called "The End of the World" and once again, Trevor Boris outdid himself. I mean, really! How the hell do they pull these sets off? This one is supposed to look like some apocalyptic future where the HGs must keep a bin filled with sand in order to save the world from destruction. I don't know in what scenario that would ever play itself out. Maybe some sort of sandworm aliens have attacked earth. Maybe the HGs have to maintain a layer of sand on the surface of the Earth to protect it from solar flares. In any case, this is an endurance comp. And just to make it extra apocalypsy, there are bursts of fire, earthquakes and ash falling everywhere. Nice. They must fill their buckets from the bottom of the flue, then run up the stairs to pour it back in the top. So they want to fill the bucket until it's overflowing, then run as fast as possible up the stairs. Two at a time if they can. Godfrey says, "I was made for this." He knows he has this one over Ashleigh and Sarah. He of course wins it - Sarah and Ashleigh give up when their bins are next to empty. They also cry a lot and tears don't mix with sand very well.

The second comp is played by only Ashleigh and Sarah and is called "The Final Frontier". It's a timed
Ashleigh really grinds Sarah's gears with this win.
trivia-based puzzle on a giant gear. Of course it is. They must put events in order, with each event connecting the two house guests who shared in that event. It's basically the same as last season's 2nd comp, except it's on a vertical gear instead of planks on the floor. And because it's vertical, they must push a huge lever to turn the gear in order to connect all the events. Sarah knows if she doesn't win this one her fate in the house will be out of her hands. So, of course, Ashleigh wins.

Before we get to the third and deciding comp, we are treated to an update on the Jury and an obligatory visit by a special advisor in the form of a previous BB winner. This time it's Ian Terry. The Jury is in awe, especially Jordan who falls to the ground praising the BB Gods. Allelujah! They are soooo #blessed! And they should be. Ian sure can deliver his script lines very drolly. He says he has been watching the entire season, which I don't know how was possible since Big Brother Canada is not aired in the States. Gee Ian. Did you just admit to watching illegal video streams or downloading torrents? I won't tell. He closes with a real pearl of wisdom, "when you vote, remember for the rest of your life, you will have to live with saying you lost Big Brother to that person". No shit, Ian. Of course that also means that if you vote for the loser, you will have to live with the knowledge you are an even bigger loser.
Thanks for your input Ian. But you didn't have to. Really, you didn't.
The third and final comp is played between the winners of the first two comps, Godfrey and Ashleigh, and is a straight up trivia comp. The answer is either A or B. Blah, blah, blah. Godfrey takes an early lead, but Ashleigh catches up resulting in a tie. It goes to sudden death - you know, like a hockey game. This gets them nowhere, so they have to go to a tie-breaker question: How many hours did Sindy Withaness spend in the house on her return? Again with the frigging Sindy question! Why? Just to remind us of her being the darling of production? Was she a queen too? Ugh. The one with the closest answer, without going over, wins. Ashleigh answers 300, Godfrey 260. The correct answer is 284.

Hey at least Ashleigh didn't answer 2600.
Godfrey wins the final HoH, which means a
Another action-shot from the Great Giant God.
guaranteed seat in the final 2 and he gets to send either Ashleigh or Sarah to the Jury. For Godfrey, this is a tough decision. Ashleigh has a lot of friends and alliance members on the Jury who may vote emotionally. Sarah has fewer, but she has had a more strategic gameplay and has won more comps. Godfrey evicts Ashleigh, citing the fact that the two previous winners of Big Brother Canada - Jillian and Jon, were basically the result of showmances. At least he stayed true to his claim that this is no lovers' paradise. Thank God(frey)! I hope that's the end of that crap.

Then there is the introduction of the Jury, Ashleigh is brought out and the first four evictees are acknowledged. All standard stuff. The Jury asks their ridiculous questions. Sadly, most of them were asked of Sarah. And by ridiculous, I mean Willow's question to Sarah: "Was our relationship all game, or did I get to know the real Sarah Hanlon?" Good grief! You're supposed to be a superfan Willow, and you basically ask a breakup question? This sort of stuff just personalizes it and means you are going to vote emotionally! Sarah responds by saying it was real, but I wonder how Willow would have voted if Sarah admitted to at one time actually finding her sneaky and a bit of a creeper.

And then the vote. These guys still don't know that one of them will be cut from the Jury and their vote won't count. I guess they didn't want them to know in advance they may be casting a bad vote, and influence the way they vote. But still, it's kind of sad.

Jordan votes while Arisa and Ashleigh look on. Awkward.
Then Arisa announces the final twist of the season. There is that nasty, problematic 10 person Jury. Why they didn't see this coming is beyond me. They are shown the video of what went down in the Vault, including the sassy Ashleigh outburst at Godfrey. Arissa then announces the decision. Jordan, who really drew the short stick all season, gets the boot and is asked to go sit with the first four, non-jury group. Poor guy. When he voted, he said he wasn't going to "Topaz" the vote. Let's hope that in the future no one will ever have to say they just got "Jordaned". He kind of saw it coming knowing he was the first jury member and knew the least of events that transpired after his eviction. It was a completely logical decision, but still you can't help feeling sorry for the biggest superfan there. Arisa reveals that Jordan voted for Sarah.

More endless season recaps of alliances, showmances, twists and downtime in the house. Yawn.

Here's the vote. Remember, only 5 votes are needed to win:

Sindy voted for Sarah                    
Even when happy, Sarah looks to be in pain.
Bobby voted for Godfrey
Kevin voted for Sarah
Willow voted for Sarah
Bruno voted for Godfrey
Zach voted for Sarah
Pilar voted for Sarah

Neither Brittnee nor Ashleigh's vote were read on air, as only 5 were needed to win. Arisa later revealed on Twitter they both voted for Sarah, making the final result 7 to 2. So here is my only consolation for Jordan. Ashleigh and Brittnee's vote were just as unnecessary as his evicted jury vote.

And that's that. Congratulations Sarah Hanlon! And just FYI, Sarah was the last of my 5 pre-season pics to win this season. So I have that. To be honest, I was secretly, hopelessly rooting for Godfrey.

God....forever gracious. Love it!
One last bit of info. We should find out in a few weeks if there will be a season 4 of Big Brother Canada. I am not so sure of it, mainly because of the drop in ratings when GlobalTV got their money-grabbing hands on it from Slice. Very iffy indeed. Maybe it should just return to Slice.