Wednesday, 29 April 2015

BBCan3 Live Feeds in Brief Week 7

Wednesday, April 29 to Wednesday, May 6 2015
***Triple Eviction Week***

Wednesday, April 29 2015 (post Eviction)
  • Kevin is HoH
  • HGs are making Zach a birthday cake. It's football shaped
Thursday, April 30 2015
  • Bruno, Bobby, Zach, Ash, Pilar and Kevin in backyard. Plan is to nominate Sarah and Brittnee,
    Bobby realizes the mistake he made.
    backdoor Godfrey. Bruno suggests putting "one of us" up as a pawn. Bobby wants to be nominated so he can compete in the veto. [note: imo Bobby didn't catch what Bruno was trying to pry out of the Diapers] Pilar tells Bobby he can always use his (fake) veto. Bobby says he wants to save it.
  • Godfrey and Kevin: Godfrey says he doesn't know if Bobby has a special veto or not. Kevin says we are about to find out, and reassures Godfrey he is safe this week - there are bigger things going on.
  • Feeds down for either HN comp or nominations
  • HN are Bobby and Zach. Bruno received reward - consisting of some kind of strategic video he can watch. (Perhaps he can eavesdrop on HGs???)
  • Bruno watched the video bios of evicted HGs [or perhaps all HGs?]
  • Feeds down - for late night nom ceremony?
Friday, May 1 2015
  • Kevin nominated Bobby and Brittnee
  • "Power of Veto Competition Today" on screen.
  • PoV players: Kevin, Brittnee, Bobby, Sarah, Ashleigh and Pilar
  • After feeds being down an extended length of time for PoV Comp, Kevin won Veto.
Saturday, May 2 2015
  • Zach and Kevin must wear French maid outfits and clean the entir house
  • Bruno wants to talk to Kevin about backdooring Zach this week
  • Kevin to Pilar: he will keep noms the same. If Bobby uses the "secret veto", he will name Bruno as the replacement, not Godfrey.
  • Kevin hopes Zach and Ashleigh won't be upset
  • Kevin wants to reign in Godfrey next week, doesn't want him evicted
Sunday, May 3 2015
  • Kevin did not use the veto. Noms remain the same