Sunday, 12 April 2015

Masterchef Canada Season 2 Current Standings

This chart covers the progress of the 16 Finalists who will face off against each other in the MasterChef Canada Season 2 Kitchen, beginning with Episode 3 (Sunday February 15, 2015) To see how the rest fared in episodes 1 & 2, CLICK HERE


Episode 3:
Jon won Mystery Box Challenge and saved David and Jennifer from elimination
Line and Andrew won Pressure Test and will be captains in the Team Challenge in Episode 4

Episode 4:
Team Challenge: Red Team (Andrew) wins. Blue Team (Line) lose.
Pressure Test: Jennifer and Line saved from test.

Episode 5:
Cody wins Mystery Box but voluntarily forfeits his advantage
David and Sabrina win Elimination Challenge and will be captains in the Team Challenge in Ep 6

Episode 6:
Team Challenge: 3 Teams - Green Team (Line); Red (David) and Blue (Sabrina) face Pressure Test for elimination

Episode 9:
Announcement made that one of 3 eliminated home chefs will return: Andrew, Cody or Kevin.