Saturday, 4 April 2015

BBCan3 Episode 5 - Live Eviction & HoH Comp. "Where's a Good Meat Shield When a Girl Needs One?"

After the PoV Ceremony and Sindy is named as the replacement nominee...

Sindy decides to stop her search for a meat shield and actually start to campaign. Well, for a little bit anyways. But it's too little, too late. She's just annoyed way too many people along the way.

Naeha: I'm going to get that Graig. Britnee: Ummn, okay.
 Bruno decides to stir the pot. Actually, he decides to stir Naeha's pot. His plan? Create a rumour that Naeha is campaigning to save Sindy with an S. And who in the house can he seed this idea? Graig, of course. Graig drops this info on Britnee, who seems indifferent to this news. She's just going to sit back and let it play out. But Bruno's deceit does not fool the all seeing eye of Sindy who runs to Naeha with the news that Graig thinks she is a major threat. Now Naeha is out for Graig's blood.

The funny thing is, it's all true. Naeha did entertain the thought of keeping Sindy and voting out Britnee and Naeha IS a major threat. The result of all of this is, Graig is now target number 1 for Naeha. I am not sure Bruno thought this thing through to the end. Or did he??? Is he just making Graig his shield?

We get the obligatory showmance segment. Zach likes Ashleigh and Ashleigh likes Zach. Ho hum.
JP: "Getting some action in the BB house was my dream."
Jordan tells his buddy to chill for a bit. It's too early for a showmance. Zach is glad Jordan set him on the straight and narrow. Meanwhile, there's the Odd Three-Way: Johnny, Kevin and Pilar. Kevin cuddles with his "cuddle-buddy" Johnny, then goes off to cuddle with Pilar. Then there is the new fling. Sindy....and Jordan? What? Yep. Seems like Sindy made her play for the innocent JP, and he obliged. Three times by my count. Just kissing, no real hanky-panky. Sure, why not. But he had some explaining to do with Zach, because this happened after JP advised Zach to put his showmance with Ashleigh on hold. Fear not. JP was just getting him some. It's his DREAM to get some action in the BB house. Sindy's intentions? Who the hell knows. Last ditch strategy or was she planting some seeds for post-show romance. Ugh. I really don't think Jordan has any intention of going down that road.

Next up...April Fools' Day. All I have to say about the prank is... it wasn't a prank at all. No good would ever come from an April Fools' joke inside the Big Brother house. The broken camera issue only created hostility, mainly coming from Graig and Godfrey, who tagged teamed their accusations towards Sindy. I guess they needed some filler for the episode. And when do they let the HGs know it was all a joke? Right before the eviction vote - after everyone had already decided who to vote for. It's not that I think this prank tipped the scales against Sindy. I'm pretty sure she already sealed her fate, but it didn't make her last day easy (not that I liked her).

Sure enough, Sindy is evicted unanimously 12 to 0.

Who's the REAL winner here? I don't know.
The HoH comp is a quicky. A True-False based on the Sleepy Time video the HGs were shown three times, they had to square off two at a time. The winner of each round named the next two to answer. The first half of the match-ups were basically flip-flopping between Godfrey and Naeha. Each names the other to go up next. These two really do not like each other. Sure enough the comp ends with the one guy who swore he would not win ANY comps...Kevin. So much for the art of comp-throwing. This time, he actually won by default. Ashleigh either straight up answered incorrectly, or she threw it to Kevin.

There is one more thing to take note of here. Kevin's win was celebrated by the Chop Shop members, who are completely convinced they have Kevin in their back pocket.

Kevin is making a target of himself, again. He will have a hard week ahead of him. This is a double eviction week, and Kevin must nominate two HGs for an instant eviction. When the dust settles from that, he will either be safely ensconced on one side of the house, or the number one target of the Chop Shop.