Wednesday, 1 April 2015

BBCan3 Recap Episode 4 - PoV Comp & Ceremony - The Great Bathroom Surprise!

The aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony...

Just had to pee. Interesting conversation though.
Naeha, Sindy, Willow and Sarah decide it's a good idea to meet up in the HoH room to discuss this week's voting strategy. Naeha wants Britnee to stay. Keep the nominations the same and vote out Kevin. Sindy jumps right in and starts to lead the conversation:

"Blah, blah, blah. Kevin, Bobby, strong male players. Blah, blah blah."

Right. You know what's worse than using the HoH room to strategize? Strategizing with people who aren't in your alliance. You know what's even worse? Not checking the HoH room to see if you are alone or not.

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Sure enough, just as they are getting up to leave...the toilet flushes, and out walks Kevin, saying, "Just had to pee. Interesting conversation though."


I am beginning to think the HoH bathroom is the epicentre of the house. Graig likes to strategize with his alliance while taking a crap in there. I have seen him doing this twice. Now Kevin finds his redemption in there. Just an observation.

Kevin now has the ammo to take the heat off himself and direct it onto someone else. That special
someone is Sindy. With an S. He goes to the main bathroom and lets the biggest, most high strung loudmouth in the house know the situation... Graig. Graig soon finds Jordan and Bruno to let them know there is a girls' alliance and they want to start picking off the guys. They say there was no guys' alliance before, but the girls just made one. Kevin and Johnny fill Bobby in, and also say the girls brought up Bobby's name. Their new mission: get Kevin off the block and send a girl home.

Bobby thinks Naeha is the leader of the girls. Naeha knows this, and she needs to divert Bobby's attention to someone else. Her real alliance is with Sarah and Britnee. If she has to focus Bobby's attention elsewhere, she is going to need a sacrificial lamb.

Well...hello there, Sindy.

Poor Bobby just wanted an easy week. He nominated the two houseguests he thought would leave the least amount of blood on his hands. Now it's looking like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The PoV Comp is called Dam It! And it involves busy little Canadian beavers building a dam. Bobby, Britnee, Kevin, Johnny, Willow and Godfrey play for veto. They have to swim through mucky water and retrieve 19 logs, one at  time, bring it back to their dam and solve a puzzle in the form of a phrase. Each log has one letter on it, but a few had two just to mess the solution up. The trick is to know which letter to use. There were a few rocks on the bottom of the pond with the names of certain predators printed on them. If a player found a predator, the others had to stop for one minute. The phrase ended up being a pun on the phrase "Off the chopping block", but was "off the chomping block" instead. It trips up Kevin and Johnny who think they are missing an extra letter "p". The water is extremely cold and hypothermia almost gets the better of Britnee and Bobby. Eventually, Kevin figures out the catch to the phrase and wins PoV.

It's pretty much a no-brainer what Kevin will do.

They made quick work of the little booze they had.
Meanwhile, Johnny is called to the Diary Room. Big Brother gives him a task to earn a pool party for the group. Everyone else is sent to the backyard. They must arrange themselves from least to most to depict certain attributes. Johnny is included with a crappy cutout. Johnny watches a video feed and is given 3 choices of what the attribute might be. He's pretty good. He gets them all and the HGs get their party. A couple of pitchers of sangria, and all the fruit they could eat - from the bottom of the pitchers.

Oh, look at us...we are having fun. Oh joy, oh bliss.
Note: This task was completed in the morning and the HGs immediately put their swimsuits on. They waited around all day for this poor excuse of a party. It made for the most boring Live Feeds ever. Big Brother opened the doors to the backyard just after midnight. Let's just say they were all headed off to bed about 2 hours later. Please GlobalTV, don't do this crap again. The feeds looked more like we were watching a pool photoshoot. Sad. Very sad. Like someone said to them..."Okay, be happy. Look like you're having fun." It was so obvious this whole segment was just filler for this episode. And if you give these guys another party, for god sakes, give them more booze. A couple of pitchers of sangria just doesn't cut it among 15 people. It's just all kinds of NO. We want to see something at the level of Jon/Allison drunk. Not something that looks like day camp. Okay?

Ashley! Move your stupid head, I can't see!!!
Since there was so little to drink, everyone decided to play spin the bottle in the hot tub. Everyone got a piece of the action, except Godfrey who went to bed early. Johnny got particularly lucky, scoring a kiss from both Kevin and Zach, whose kiss Johnny described as "unicorns and butterflies."

Time for the PoV Ceremony. Kevin does exactly what we expected Kevin to do and takes himself off the block. But his speech clearly throws Sindy Withaness under the bus. Bobby fell for it and puts Sindy up as the replacement nom.

Spoiler-Teasers from Live Feeds: Sindy is up to her old tricks, flirting and making out with Jordan. Twice. There was a disturbance in the house today, causing the HGs to be put on lockdown...twice. This gave Sindy little time to campaign to save herself. She is now going all out in a last ditch effort. Maybe too little, too late, but you can never tell.

Sindy, with an S, with a sad face.