Wednesday, 1 April 2015

BBCan3 Live Feeds In Brief: Summary Week 3 (Spoilers)

Week 2 of Live Feeds  Wednesday April 1 to Wednesday April 8 (Week 3 in the House)
If you only watch the aired shows, any info from the Live Feeds will be Spoilers. Just Saying.

Wednesday April 1 (to come after aired eviction episode/HoH Comp concludes)
  • Talk of double eviction coming next week (Zack, Bruno, Graig, Jordan, Willow and Kevin in the storage room), they think the cast is too big to have someone come back. (Jordan & Zach opinion)
  • They make jokes about Sindy watching the live feeds tomorrow
Thursday April 2
Is Kevin being quiet because he already made his noms? Awkward!
  • Naeha, Johnny, Jordan, Kevin and Sarah talk about how confident Bruno, Graig, Bobby and Godfrey were in HoH comp and afterwards - they think they have Kevin in their pocket.
  • New Alliance: Jordan, Zach and Kevin - The Bromuda Triangle [or just Jordan and Zach pulling HoH Kevin's strings?]
  • Jordan and Kevin talking - nominate Graig and Bruno, then backdoor Bobby [note: remember this is an instant eviction, there will be no backdoor. There is also a rumour Kevin already secretly nom Naeha and Bobby right after HoH comp]
  • Meanwhile this morning, Bruno & Graig think they have this week in the bag, they think Naeha is going.
  • Kevin called to DR at noon. HGs in LR, expecting a Have Not comp soon. [they have heard construction in BY - it's for the next HoH comp!]
  • Feeds Down 12:36 PM permanently cut??? If so, Kevin will come out of DR, the two nominees will be revealed (doesn't matter if he made them last night or today) and they will vote. New HoH comp will take place.
  • Feed leak: HGs gathered in LR, Kevin comes out of DR, Arisa tells HGs "Tonight will be an Instant Eviction"
    That's it until Sunday night Post-Show....Happy Easter!

    Sunday April 5
    • Feeds return at 8PM 
      Kevin, Ashleigh, Bobby & Zach Have Nots (Zach has slop pass)
    • Ashleigh, Kevin, Zach and Bobby are Have Nots
    • Graig and Bobby are Final Noms??? Apparently PoV has been played. Original noms and PoV winner unknown.
    • HGs having Easter dinner
    • Kevin was an original nom, ??? won PoV, replacement nom was Bobby
    • Zach, Ashleigh, Bobby, Kevin in HN room - set off alarm and speculate there is a special veto in the floor.
    • Ashley and Zach make-out in HN room. Kevin and Bobby asleep?
    Monday April 6
    • Kevin goes into HN room to investigate the sensor tiles
    • Pilar and Kevin in HN room talking. JP comes in for battery change. The three talk about Graig and his campaigning. How he said he is good for the ratings. The three get up to leave the HN room and stop to point out the alarm in the centre of the room. Kevin shows JP how it's the 2 tiles that are the sensor pad for the alarm.
    Tuesday April 7

    • New alliance: Zach, JP, Kevin, Johnny, Sarah and Britnee a.k.a. The Purple Cobras
    • JP tells Kevin about Operation Multitask, and laying low for next few weeks
    • JP Zach & Sarah: don't trust Willow, she is working with the other side
    • Graig told Godfrey he will give him info (my spec: he will out Chop Shop)
    • Graig missing intermittently throughout day. In DR and seen turning/playing with gears in DR hallway. Feeds cut.
    • Zach and Kevin: don't trust Willow
    Wednesday April 8
    • Everyone getting ready for eviction night.
    • Graig says he planned on outing Chop Shop but won't do it now. 
    • Graig says if there is a twist for evicted HGs to return, he doesn't want to come back into the game, then later says "we'll see"
    • feeds down at noon
    • Bruno won HoH
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