Wednesday, 8 April 2015

BBCan 3 Episode 7 Round 2 Noms & PoV - The 3 Laws of Fembotics

No hard feelings guys. You're just pawns. The Fembots have bigger fish to fry.
Brittnee has just won the HoH comp and Sarah yells out, "From pawn to queen in one move, right here." Sure everyone is excited for her, but you could tell it was very forced for some of them. Graig, Bobby and Bruno give her their obligatory hugs. They aren't happy and it shows. Graig says he thinks he has a good relationship with Brittnee. Apparentlt, in Graig-speak, a "good relationship" means "She is easy to manipulate." Bobby tries to pick Brittnee's brains about her plans for nominations, then tries to throw Johnny under the bus. Oh Bobby, you aren't very good at this. Brittnee just agrees with him and HIS (the Chop Shop's) "master plan" to nominate Johnny.

Johnny, just like Sarah, voted for Britnee in the Instant Eviction only so Naeha would be spared from a unanimous vote. It was a sympathy vote. Johnny is a bit worried that Brittnee may be a little pissed so he has a little talk with her. Brittnee understands what he did, but for now she wants to keep Johnny in the dark. You see, Johnny is a key figure in her "master plan." Nyuh, huh, ha.

Yep, that's right. Up until now Brittnee has been a pretty quiet house guest. We only knew she was in the house because she has been nominated twice. Even on the live feeds, she just seems to mope about and rarely talks. Of course, being a Have Not on slop for the last week may have had something to do with Brittnee chronically staring into space. I can't fault her for that. But now, Brittnee has suddenly become a player and she has her own plan.

Her target this week? Graig. The Ginga-Ninja himself. Brittnee's had enough of being his pawn. For now, she is going to keep him at ease, pretending to do his will. Then BAM. Graig's going to find himself back-doored.

Cos that's what Fembots do. Brittnee and Sarah refer to themselves as Fembots. All fluffy and smiley on the outside, pretending to have no clue as to what's going on. But on the inside they're circuits and wires. Cold and calculating.

Brittnee goes in the vault and shortlists Bobby, Godfrey, Kevin and Graig. Then she comes out to reveal her noms: Kevin and Bobby. She tells them it's nothing personal. She hopes they play for PoV because she has "bigger fish to fry". Then she says, "I never forget when someone writes my name down." Ouch. Johnny hangs his head in shame.

Poor Johnny, he's doomed...right, Graig? Wrong. Even Jordan could see through the charade and says he can't believe that Graig is so arrogant he can't see he's the real target. Johnny goes up to the HoH room looking all mopey. He closes the door behind him then immediately he and Brittnee do a victory dance. As it turns out, Johnny knew the moment Brittnee looked at him during the nominations, that he wasn't her target. It was Graig. Johnny puts his mopey face back on as he leaves the HoH. He's going to play this up.

The Power of Veto comp is called Spooling Around. Brittnee, Kevin, Bobby, Sarah, Johnny and Zach
Curious mix of Devo and Oompa Loompas.
must transfer "thread" (rope) from 3 large spools to oe larger spool by wrapping it around their bodies. Of course all this spinning leads to dizziness and vomiting. Kevin sees this as a good opportunity to practise his art of comp throwing. Sarah panics because she wound the thread too tight around her chest and constricted her breathing. Brittnee and Zach wound their thread too loosely and got tangled. Bobby said this comp should be a breeze because he is a rock climber and is used to ropes. I don't see how this would be an advantage winding the rope around your body unless he repels down a rock-face like a Yo-Yo. Johnny wins the comp - looking very haggard and maybe a bit dehydrated.

It's no secret that Johnny will save his Kevy Wevy with that PoV. Bobby is scared and makes a beeline right to Brittnee to ask if there is anyone else in her crosshairs. She doesn't respond. The next day, Graig brings up the fact that Johnny spent a lot of time in the HoH room with Brittnee and Sarah. He mentions it to Bruno - who is ALREADY distancing himself from Graig. The best line of the episode is Graig: "I tell him I'm going on the block. Bruno just thinks I'm paranoid like he does every day. But this time I know it's for real"

Graig confronts Brittnee who has had enough. She tells him how irritating he is, he hasn't left her alone once, and he thinks she can't think for herself. She tells him even Johnny has said the same thing to her. Graig takes this to mean that Johnny planted this in Brittnee's head. (did he not hear what she just told him??? Geesh.) Graig thinks Johnny has no one in the house, and it was Johnny's game move to ruin his game. So then comes the Graig/Johnny showdown. Lots of yelling back and forth.

But at this point there is nothing Graig can do. Of course, Johnny saves Kevy Wevy and Britnee names Graig as the replacement nominee. The master plan nears completion and Graig is getting backdoored by The Fembots.

There's just one problem. The Fembots' master plan isn't all that masterful. They are simply taking out the henchman, NOT THE REAL MASTER. Ooops.
Look out Ginga Ninja, the Fembots are gunning for you.

The 3 Laws of Fembotics:
  1. A fembot may not injure a house guest or, through inaction, allow a house guest to come to harm.
  2. A fembot must pretend to obey the orders given it by aggressive house guests, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A fembot must protect its own existence in the house, and backdoor the aggressive house guest.