Thursday, 23 April 2015

BBCan3 Live Feeds in Brief Week 6 (Spoilers)

From Wednesday April 22 (Post Eviction) to Wednesday April 29, 2015

Wednesday, April 22 2015

  • Pilar won HoH
  • HGs start to question the vote. Sindy lies and says it was Willow who voted JP out. Sarah is
    happy Sindy lied because it exposes her game
  • Bruno and Zach in HoHR: Bruno explains why he had to vote JP out over Godfrey. He could work with Godfrey, and had no connection with JP. Bruno leaves and Zach sits alone for a long time.
  • Kevin uses Pili's candies to explain the alliances in the house, what her strategy is and who she wants to target. Pilar is extremely confused, even thinking that the extra vote to evict JP came from Godfrey.
Thursday, April 23 2015

  • Right after waking up, Sindy, Brittnee, Sarah and Godfrey go to Pilar and Kevin in HoHR, expose the Chop Shop and explain how each member of the Chop Shop focused on one other person (followed and friended them, to have an extra for voting purposes) - and how Pilar was Ashleigh's. Pilar is very upset.
  • Have Nots are Sarah, Brittnee, Kevin and Godfrey
  • Pilar nominated Godfrey and Sindy
Friday, April 24 2015
  • PoV Comp today 
  • HGs are sore today, feeling the effects of the HN Comp. Sarah is injured her tailbone. Brittnee was crying this morning.
  • PoV players: Pilar, Godfrey, Sindy, Kevin, Bobby and Willow. Sarah is the host.
  • Feeds down for PoV comp for about 6 hours. When they return, Godfrey won PoV. Willow must wear Ketchup costume for 24 hours.
  • Pilar does not want to be alone with Sindy...doesn't want to listen to her campaigning
Saturday, April 25 2015

  • appears that Pilar will now put up Brittnee as replacement nom
  • Several HGs were given tasks for a reward - but the real task was with Bruno who had to keep them all from going into the vault.
  • Ash, Zach, Kevin and Pilar in washroom: they think of bringing in Willow because she wasn't in o the JP vote. They also discuss putting Bobby or Bruno up against Sindy on the block, settle on Bobby
  • Bobby walks in and they tell him Brittnee will go up as pawn. He agrees.
  • Kevin and Zach say Sindy has to go this week, but they need to strike first at Bruno and Bobby.
  • Bruno, Godfrey, Brittnee and Sindy in the backyard. Sindy talks about sequester and why Naeha was a target. Bruno tells Sindy the Chop Shop hasn't been a thing for a while
  • HGs in lockdown in HoH, probably awaiting their reward
  • arts and crafts: they have to make masks
Sunday, April 26 2015

  • Booze delivery in the wee hours of morning. They all proceed to get drunk, quickly
  • Everyone hung over
  • PoV Ceremony: Godfrey uses veto to save himself. Pilar puts Brittnee up as replacement nom
  • New task for a "surprise": HG's must work in pairs (each pair for 1 hour at a time) for 24 hours walking a treadmill in a car across country. A
    giant screen shows where they are. Bruno & Bobby; Kevin & Sarah; Zach & Willow; Sindy & Brittnee; Ash & Pilar.
  • Kevin and Sarah get a snow storm driving through the Rockies, have to put on coats and hats.
Monday, April 27 2015

  • HGs finish cross-country trek
  • Feeds down, when they return all look pissed off/tired
  • Ashleigh receives punishment: 300 laps around backyard on a trike
  • Sarah asks BB for a bottle of champagne for a date with Willow (Sarah's a HN)
  • Willow compares Zach to a Nazi. Sarah tells her she can't say that. Willow doesn't get why that is inappropriate.
Tuesday, April 28 2015

  • Sindy continues to campaign but it's pretty clear no one can trust her and everyone wants her out
  • Sindy attempts to talk one last time with Bruno and Bobby, after the two have gone to bed. She says she would go after Zach. Bobby asks Sindy if she wants the truth, then tells her he's still voting her out.
Wednesday, April 29 2015
  • Marsha Mission, or something more: Marsha tweeted she's back. 
  • Everyone is watching Willow get her pits waxed. Meanwhile, Kevin seems to be on his own mission, making the fortress sign to give to Sindy for JP. He says, JP will understand.
  • Feeds down until post-eviction and week 7 HoH
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