Friday, 10 April 2015

BBCan3 Episode 8 Round 2 Eviction - "Lonesome Glove"

When evictions get predictable, the episode becomes boring. That's what we have this week as Bobby and Graig - or whom JP refers to as Dumb and Dumber, find themselves on the block. And if you are a Live-Feeder, even the scenes used as fill for the episodes are ho-hum. Of course, part of the problem is with Brittnee's nomination choices. Sure, her master plan was very well executed and it played out great. She thought she was making a "big move", but in the end she just took the easy way out. Dumb and Dumber are simply Bruno's meat shields.

The episode "filler":
  • An update for all the Zach and Ashleigh shippers out there. They have been growing closer.
    Much closer. The PG-rated episode shows some kissing, and that's it. It's no secret to the Live-Feeders that the two have taken it a bit further. In the Have Not room. Under the sheets. And despite Zach's superfan claim, he asks JP if there are cameras in the Have Not room. Tsk, tsk. Zach, you are fooling no one except maybe the very casualist of viewers out there. Stop playing innocent! 
  • Kevin investigates the trigger for the alarm in the Have Not room. He has figured out the trigger is the two pressure sensitive tiles in the centre of the room. He tries to stick a piece of paper between the tiles, and tests the sensitivity level. Surely to God, he must know there is some kind of twist involved with it. Then he turns around and shows JP and Pilar. WHY??? What the hell are you doing? You should be keeping this info close to your chest, just like your Poker hand. Forget sharing it with your showmance or any alliance members - real or fake!!! Geesh.
  • Bobby's terrible attempts at campaigning for votes. He is absolutely horrible at lying and he's being way too obvious. The problem is he tried to convince Sarah and Brittnee he is not a threat. The obvious part happens when he tries this with people whom he never talks game with. He's keeping most of his game talk with his Chop Shop alliance when he should be talking some level of game with everyone. At least he knew enough to lay low this week and let Graig dig his own grave.
  • Graig's campaigning seems to be to convince Bruno and Godfrey to campaign for him. What
    Bruno: Dumb is the clear choice over Dumber.
    he doesn't know is that neither Bruno nor Godfrey really care if it's he or Bobby evicted this week. Bruno prefers Bobby is evicted. He's a bit smarter and much stronger than Graig. Bruno tries to convince Ashley, Zach and JP. But Bruno is going to comply with the rest of the house and not risk making a target of himself. Poor Graig. You're just not worth it at this stage of the game. Other than Graig's meagher attempts at campaigning, he spent most of the two days leading up to eviction as "Lonesome Glove". Moping about, being alone and even disappearing for extended periods of time. This even led some Live-Feeders to speculate he might try to self-evict.
  • There is a ridiculous OxiClean product placement reward challenge. Colour coded shirts are placed around the house and the house guests must collect 30 of them - one at a time, and put them on hangers. The winner gets $1,000 and an advantage in the upcoming HoH comp. Zach wins. Ho-hum.
Like I said...boring episode. When the Eviction Vote goes down, nobody wants to vote against the house. Graig is evicted unanimously.

The HoH comp is another OxiClean product placement called Through the Wringer. The goal is to spell out the phrase, "Fight Dirty Laundry" by recovering one letter at a time, printed on washcloths. The HGs must slide down into a giant washer of OxiClean soapy water, grab a washcloth, squeeze themselves through a wringer (do any of them even know what a wringer washer IS?), drag themselves along a clothesline and put the washcloths on a drying rack. Just one question. What the heck is up with the tight short shorts? Ugh. Oh and there is an added encouragement to get these HGs who don't want to win HoH and try to throw it. Five thousand bucks will go to the winner.

Arisa announced a new Twistos Twist fan vote. This one is for a choice between 2 options for the
PoV: a "Forced PoV", where the PoV holder MUST use it on one of the noms; OR a "Double Veto" where the PoV holder has the option of using it on both of the noms.

Next episode is Sunday at 7: HoH comp will conclude and this week's nominations will be revealed.