Tuesday, 28 April 2015

BBCan3 Episodes 15 & 16 Week 6 HoH & PoV

Quickly recapping...

This week's HoH was a complete disaster, for several reasons. Called "BBC Student Film Festival", the HGs had to guess which comp or task is depicted in a film slowly puzzle-pixelated. If they get it right, they can eliminate another HG. If they get it wrong, they are eliminated. It's pretty easy to throw this one. Unless you're Bobby. He was the first to buzz in, hardly waiting for the first film to come on the screen. His guess was "V for Veto". Much to his and everyone's surprise, he got it correct. When Arisa asked whom he wanted eliminated, he stumbled and said "Sindy". He tries it again on the next film and this time, he throws it successfully. Bruno and Kevin manage to also throw it. Then lo and behold, Pilar steps up and guesses correctly. Mind you, it was awkward...she keeps grabbing her face or mouth. But she wins HoH. Who would have seen that coming?

This week's Have Not comp was pretty brutal. A game of Bubble Boy tackle. Lots of fun to watch, but some of the HGs took a beating, especially Sarah. Her teammates - Godfrey and Kevin, aren't helping because they want to throw it. Godfrey needs to talk game with Kevin while they are HNs.

Pili's reign as HoH is just as awkward as you can imagine. Don't get me wrong. I like Pilar. The thing is, Big Brother is NOT THE GAME FOR HER. Both Kevin and Ashleigh had to walk her through the alliance situation in the house. When she finally decides to nominate Godfrey and Sindy, she asks for Ash, Kevin and Zach to keep Sindy away so she doesn't have to deal with her campaigning. The nomination ceremony was no cakewalk for her either. Sindy tells her, "I'm really disappointed in you." Pilar cries over this, and once again I shake my head. Good God girl.

The PoV comp is called "BB Concentration". Pilar, Godfrey, Sindy, Willow, Bobby and Kevin play. They have to make matching pairs of KFC $5 Fill-ups cards. There are punishments and rewards as well, and the winner gets $5,000. Godfrey wins PoV, while Willow wins a slop pass and must wear a ketchup costume for 24 hours.

At the PoV Ceremony, Godfrey saves himself and Pili - in another excruciatingly painful segment nominates Brittnee as a replacement pawn.