Thursday, 2 April 2015

BBCan3....While the Live Feeds are Down...My Predictions (Spoilers Included)

So I first heard a rumour that Kevin was told by BB that this was an Instant Eviction week, was told to nominate 2 people, and was sworn to secrecy...right after his HoH win. However, the all-knowing Hamsterwatch has substantiated this on her homepage (see "Power Status") , and ensuing events also give us verification (see updates below)

According to this rumour - which has now become fully ensconced in social media and the BB fandom, Kevin nominated Bobby and Naeha.

All last night, Kevin was talking strategy. In a group of Naeha, Johnny, Sarah and Jordan, (and that sneaky Willow fluttering in and out every so often) he was very quiet while Naeha spelled it all out, mainly how Kevin was the target last week. They talked about how confident the Chop Shop's core group of Bruno, Graig and Bobby + the outsider Godfrey were. Kevin later talked to Jordan, and then Jordan and Zach. These three formed a new alliance, "Bromuda Triangle" (whether it's real or not doesn't matter). In addition, Zach informed Ashleigh - both of whom are members of the Chop Shop, just to lay low this week and let it all play out.

Kevin considers the hand he is being dealt.
Just before the feeds were cut for the long blackout, Kevin was called to the DR. Some people are claiming there was a deliberate audio leak of Kevin saying, "Oh shit you guys. Oh, you guys are going to lose it out there. They're going to lose it out there." That was not Kevin talking, nor was it an audio leak. That voice is Zach's as he runs up the stairs. He continues talking and right after "They're going to lose it out there" he says, "Oh, hey girl" to Sarah who is sitting in the chair. He knows damn well what Kevin is about to Bobby with his noms. The Chop Shop will be no more, and the house will be flipped. Who is Zach referring to as "they/out there"? Us!

For now, let's work on the assumption the rumour is true and he nominated Bobby and Naeha. I give this rumour credence because it would have been a smart move to nominate Naeha as a pawn. Gotta have one. And Kevin's reason for nominating Bobby? Bobby nominated him last week...touche.

Shall we go over the numbers? Kevin, Naeha and Bobby can't vote. There are 11 votes, so 6 are needed to evict. How will they vote?

Ashleigh's vote will force her to show if her true alliance is to Chop Shop or her budding showmance with Zach. Godfrey could go either way even though he has been spending his time with the Chop Shop guys. Godfrey is a floater - 1st class. He will jump from a sinking ship. I think Pilar is going to vote whatever way Kevin tells her to vote. Zach may expose himself to the Chop Shop a la Arlie did last year with the First Five, but he can always blame the numbers on someone else. Both the noms are threats: Bobby physically and Naeha socially. Even with Ashleigh and Godfrey voting to evict Naeha, the final vote should be Naeha 5, Bobby 6. Looks like Bobby is headed into sequester and will have to earn a chance to re-enter the house in what Arisa said would be a difficult task. I think one side of the house will be doing a new dance called The Chop Shop Flop.

Update (Friday, April 3): Arisa Cox posted a photo on Instagram that verifies Kevin was called into the Vault at some point during the taping of the Live Eviction and/or Side Show. You can clearly see him choosing from the HG pics....but what we can't tell is if this was for his "Shortlist" or if it was his two noms. Here is the Websta link to that pic

In addition, there was a leak after the feeds went dark yesterday (Thursday) showing Kevin coming out of the vault, the HGs sitting on the couches, and Arisa appearing on the screen to announce the surprise Instant Eviction. So I now tend to believe Kevin made a shortlist of four Wednesday night and narrowed it down to his two noms on Thursday. If it went down this way, Bobby and Naeha may not be the final 2 noms. Who else could have been on that "Shortlist"? Graig? Godfrey? Britnee? Sarah?

So...what do you think will happen? Leave a comment! 
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