Monday, 6 April 2015

BBCan3 Episode 6 - Instant Eviction and Round 2 HoH "A New Hope"

Right after Kevin's HoH win, he is summoned to the Diary Room, while the rest are on lockdown in the backyard. He is REALLY pissed off he won that HoH by default. Big Brother tells him to immediately go to the Vault where Arisa gives him news to piss him off even more. It's an Instant Eviction and he must nominate 2 people. He picks Britnee and Naeha, working on the assumption the guys have his back. And one more thing...if he tells anyone about this, he will be evicted.

Speaking of bad feelings...this.
In an effort to cover for Kevin's absence, the HGs re-enter the house to find a belated birthday party for Johnny, complete with a cake. Yeah, that sounds reasonable. No one will ever suspect something is up with Kevin and his HoH win. He was obviously baking and decorating the cake the whole time he was gone.

Everyone jumps on the chance to talk to Kevin and try to deflect any ideas that he may have putting them up on the block. Bruno and Graig get hold of him first and point out what a threat Naeha is. You better believe it. Then Zach and Jordan talk to him in the storage room. They even come up with a new alliance name for the three of them. The Bromuda Triangle. Later that same night, Naeha, Johnny, Sarah Zach and Jordan sit Kevin down to let him know he was Bobby's primary target last week. Oh, oh. Kevin REALLY messed up those noms. Or did he? He seems to be taking it all in stride, and rightly so. If Naeha can muster up all those people so quickly to have a talk with him, then who is the most imminent threat to his game?

Instant Eviction time. The HGs are called down to the living room. Kevin walks out. They know
That's no lens flare.
something is up. Arisa tells them, "Tonight is an instant eviction." Okay, come on. All these self-described superfans in this season and not ONE of them saw this coming? It's the Easter weekend and the feeds always go down. it is done this way so the first half of the double eviction can happen in secrecy. Kevin nominates his choices. The HGs vote, but this time it's a little different. They must write their choice down - Survivor style. Not only that, but they must show their vote to everyone. Very interesting. They can't vote in anonymity. Naeha is evicted by a vote of 9 to 2 - the two holdouts were Sarah and Johnny who explain it was not really a vote to evict Britnee, but a sympathy vote for Naeha. They knew perfectly well how the others would vote.

Naeha is gone. She was our only hope. But wait...there is another. Sarah also seems to have the force with her. She gathers the 4 other girls together to jump start the game. One of them has to win the next HoH and start picking off the alpha males, or they will all go the way of Naeha.

The HGs are divided into "pre-determined" pairs, who must stand together on a series of three elevated gears - from big to small. Britnee says she should have this because models have to stay on their feet all day. While most of them tackle this challenge face-to-face and hugging each other for support, Bruno and Graig didn't to try it "spooning " style. After  while, they figure it would be best to switch it up. Doesn't help. They are the first off, followed by Zach and Bobby; Jordan and Ashley; Pilar and Johnny. Finally, Godfrey and Willow fall off leaving the win to Britnee and Sarah. Sarah hands the HoH reins over to Britnee. Aww, isnt that sweet? I am sure it had absolutely nothing to do with Sarah not wanting to get blood on her hands.

Look for Sarah, I mean, Britnee to flip the house this week, target the Empire and destroy the Death Star. It's happening. Graig may even get frozen in carbonite. Cue the Ewoks.