Wednesday, 22 April 2015

BBCan3 Live Feeds in Brief: Summary Week 5 (Spoilers)

From Wednesday, April 15 to Wednesday, April 22 2015

Note: Feeds will be off for the better part of Friday, due to multiple comps (PoV comp inside, 1st 5 comp on stage)
Also Note: There is no After Dark Tuesday or Wednesday 3 AM. I have to assume there will be NO Live Feeds Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - implying the 1st Five buyback winner will return into the house sometime on Monday.

Wednesday, April 15
  • Feeds return: Zach won HoH
  • Bruno, Godfrey, Jordan and Sarah are Have Nots
  • JP to Kevin: they are hoping to backdoor Bobby or Bruno. Nominees may be Godfrey...and JP as a pawn. JP is considering faking a fight with Zach. 
  • Zach got a nerf football and Rocky is back
Thursday, April 16
  • Zach and JP's nomination plan is still in effect
  • Nominations today
  • Zach nominated Godfrey and JP, as planned
Friday, April 17

  • Feeds will go down at some point today and return Saturday and Sunday [as per BBCda official tweet]
  • Bobby mentions the construction in BY sounds huge, crazy - implying something big is about to happen [Note: this is NOT for the 1st Five comp! That is happening on stage]
  • As of 1 PM: Still no "PoV Comp Today" on screen.
  • Feeds go down then return. The HGs
    were called to LR and were shown a clip of the first five evictees competing. Willow shouts, "I knew it!", runs to BY doors to listen. The HGs all vow to bounce the returnee right back out.
  • First Five evictees were shown in a endurance comp. Bruno refers to them looking like beasts on the rope. 
  • Feeds off again [presumably for rest of day?]
Saturday, April 18
  • Feeds "leak" (or BB gift to feeders) early Saturday morning (exact time unknown) Zach won PoV and Sindy with an S won the First Five comp. She is back in the house.
  • HGs get only about 4 or 5 hours of sleep
  • Zach has chickened out on the BD plan, wanting to leave Godfrey and JP on the block. 
  • JP and Godfrey have a great talk, with each saying Zach should save the other. JP has a new respect for Godfrey as a gameplayer
  • Kevin and JP try to get Zach to change his mind, but say they will respect his decision
  • Sindy has immunity for 1 week.
  • Sindy, Brittnee and Sarah in alliance. Sindy knows about the plan to bounce her back out. Sindy told Sarah and Brittnee about sequester.
  • Kevin, then Bruno (separately) talk to Zach, throwing Sarah under the bus as a possible renom
  • Brittnee and Bobby sleep in same bed, holding hands/cuddle buddies
  • Sarah and JP have huge talk about Zach betrayal and how sketchy Willow is/how she tries to pry info out in convos
Sunday, April 19
  • HGs are up early
  • Bruno goes to Hot tub, Zack tells him Godfrey threw Bruno and Bobby under the bus to him.
  • Bruno tells Bobby what Zach said about Godfrey. Bobby says Godfrey has been sketchy from the beginning
  • Hot tub: Brittnee and Bobby say they sleep well together as cuddle buddies
  • PoV Ceremony today. The HGs decide to have a cowboy themed (basically plaid shirts) PoV ceremony.
  • Sindy, Brit, Sarah (Ashleigh drops in for a second) in HN room, play with alarm. When Ash leaves, Sindy suggests voting JP to throw others off. Sarah shoots it down.
  • Zach & JP: Zach apologizes to JP for keeping noms the same. JP tells him he gave Sindy a test. She failed. She will be the target next week.
  • Bruno and Willow go to Zach and Ash in HoHR to tell them last night he interrupted JP and Sarah in middle of deep convo. It freaked him out. Bobby joins the (Chop Shop)
  • Sarah to Britnee: we should just blow things up and vote out JP
  • Sarah tells Jordan and Willow she knows people are talking about her 
Monday, April 20 2015

  • Feeds went down, when they came back: Sindy and Bobby are locked in The Vault. There is a 24 hour timer counting down, and two red buttons. They have also been given a series of clues (another math riddle) to locate a specific safety deposit box. The other HGs know (or guessed) they are in there - Zach and Bruno tried to talk to them, as did Willow.
  • The puzzle is the same as the one Sindy had to solve for immunity before entering the house.
  • Feeds down due to wide-spread power outage in sections of Toronto
Tuesday April 21
  • Feeds down. The timer should have expired.
  • Feeds return for a few seconds. Bobby talking to Bruno at hot tub, re: Vault. Bruno thinks it was fake. Bobby agrees, adding: Fake. The second I saw it,  wondered how to use it. Memorize the numbers?
  • Sindy leads a Beauty Queen class
  • Godfrey tells Kevin: I have 5 votes. Bruno, Bobby, Sarah, Brittnee and Sindy [Godfrey did not have Bobby's vote at the time]
  • Sarah, Brittnee, Bruno and Bobby have their talk. They agree to vote for JP.
  • Sindy's Beauty Queen class was a task which won munchies and a bit of booze
Wednesday April 22
  • JP spent the day packing and helping Godfrey pack. He is still under the impression he is staying
  • Feeds down, will not return until after the eviction