Wednesday, 15 April 2015

BBCan3: Episode 9 HoH/Noms & Episode 10 PoV Comp/Ceremony with Spoilers.

Just to save time...this is only a quick summary, followed by a few spoilers, speculation and clarification.

  • HoH comp "Through the Wringer" continues. Godfrey gives Bruno 2 letters he needs. You can argue amongst yourselves if that is cheating or not. I tend to believe Bruno accepted them without thinking, in which case he should watch it. Down the road, if Godfrey wanted Bruno out of a comp, he could set him up. Bruno ends up winning and we get a very Rocky-esque musical accompaniment when he climbs up to hit the button for the win.
  • Have Not Comp "Game of Bones". The HGs are split into 3 teams of 3 each. One HG from each team is dressed in a dog costume and blind-folded. Their teammates take turns giving them commands, guiding them through a maze. They must collect dog bones that have food rewards printed on them. The team with the least number of bones will become the Have Nots for the week. One more added stimulus provides great humour. The blindfolded dogs wear shock collars which go off when they go out of bounds. Willow got it the worst - her rolling over and whimpering provided a sadistic comic relief. Of course, she can only blame her teammates Brittnee and Pilar (who doesn't seem to know left from right). Willow should have bit her ankle for that because these three lost and are now on slop for the week.
  • Nominations. Only 3 HGs are shown on Bruno's shortlist: Johnny, Kevin and Sarah. Bruno nominates Johnny and Sarah, citing it as just a game move.
  • PoV Comp is called "Game, Set, Match" and the players are: Bruno; Sarah; Johnny; Bobby; Kevin; and Brittnee. Players must shoot tennis balls - from a very steampunky gun, at their opponents targets. There are 3 targets for each player. The hitch is the shooter must call out their target's name. The player-target can place a block to prevent one of their targets from being hit. This type of game always makes the HG's intentions clearly known...they want to make sure their choice for eviction is taken out first. This time around, it's Johnny and even Kevin heartlessly plays a part, knocking down His third and final target. It comes down to Bobby and Kevin, but Bruno wins. It looks like Bruno will be taking full responsibility for this week's eviction.
  • PoV Ceremony. Starts out as usual, but just as Bruno is about to announce his intention to use it, he is called into the Vault. He is told to open safety deposit box 1319. He starts to read....
That's the cliffhanger. And here are some spoilers:
  • Canada voted for the Double Veto, but Bruno won't use it.
  • Johnny will probably be evicted unanimously.
  • The HoH Comp will be a quickie.
  • All five of the evicted HGs competing in for the KFC buyback (Risha, Sindy, Naeha, Graig and probably Johnny) will be on Side Show, Thursday April 16 at 10 PM on Slice.
  • BBCan has announced the feeds will be down for the better part of Friday, but will be back up for the weekend. This is for the winning fan to enter the house to compete in prizes. And NO, THE FAN DOES NOT MEET THE HOUSE GUESTS.
  • BBCan has stated the comp for the buyback will be extremely difficult, so expect endurance and/or a series of comps. The comp(s) will be filmed on the front stage, not inside the house.
  • It is unknown at what point the HG's still in the house will be made aware of the buyback twist.
  • Note: the Nomination Ceremony is usually filmed on Thursday and the PoV comp on Friday, so it is entirely possible the returning HG will have immunity for Week 5.