Sunday, 26 April 2015

BBCda3 Episode 14 Week 5 Eviction: "Sindy and Bobby in the Vault With a Button"

It's not very often I get emotionally involved, but this was one of those weeks.

First of all, JP makes the dumbest decision ever in offering himself up as a nominee. I want to reach into the TV and shake him repeatedly. Then there is Zach whom I have now come to loathe. He should have refused JP's offer outright. Then he should have done everything he could to orchestrate the house to vote the right way.

Of course this week's biggest pain in the side of the BB house was the return of Sindy Withaness. Her goal is to get rid of Zach, and anyone else who gets in the way. Unfortunately for JP, that means him. But she has to move quickly to get the house to see Zach is the biggest target. She gets to work on 2 fronts: Bruno & Bobby and Sarah & Brittnee. Her advantage is all the information she received from Naeha, Johnny and Graig in sequester. She aligns herself with Brittnee and Sarah. That was no problem. Neither is Bruno. He knows who his biggest threat is. The one holdout is Bobby who refuses to give up on the Chop Shop and his alliance with Zach.

Take the money and run, you dumbasses.
But first, Big Brother has an offer that MAY be hard to refuse. Two HGs must volunteer for a task without knowing what it is. Sindy and Bobby turn out to be the guinea pigs. They are told to go to the Vault. Oh Oh. Nothing good ever happens in there. Inside, they find a 24 hour timer, and two buttons. That's it. No explanation. Nothing. So Sindy and Bobby decide to let the clock tick down. Twenty four hours later, and with only a few minutes left, the others are shown what's going on inside. Arisa offers Sindy and Bobby $10,000 to leave the house...and that money comes out of the $100,000 season 3 winner's pocket. Of course, neither Sindy nor Bobby take it. Bad, bad decision. Do they really think they have any chance of winning? Sindy's days are numbered, and Bobby's best hope of finishing this season is fifth place. Fourth if he's lucky. He's just too big of a physical threat to risk taking to F3. It ain't going to happen dude. You guys should have taken the money.

Bobby is still hung up on his unwavering devotion to Chop Shop and Zach. Bruno sits him down and
There is no Chop Shop, Bobby!!!
uses candies to map out the situation in the house. Chop Shop is an illusion. It's just a theory that died, way before Graig left. Zach is playing everyone in the house. Bobby is still in denial, out in left field in LaLaLand. It takes Brittnee to knock some sense in him by letting him know HE was Zach's target this week. Yep, Bobby... Zach, the guy you have pledged your life in the game to for the last 5 weeks was about to send you packing. And the only thing that saved you was Zach's huge ego and his belief that he and Jp were living on easy street.

Now remember all this time, Zach and Jordan are 100% sure that they have the vote and Godfrey will
JP when the vote is read.
be voted out, probably unanimously or at the worst, 7 to 2 with Bruno and Bobby voting to save Godfrey. In fact, Zach has been so sure of victory this week that he has spent the whole week trying to convince Ashleigh to play hide the weenie with him in his HoH bed. Worst HoH ever in Big Brother Canada history, even supplanting Ika Wong's HoH last year. The kicker being of course that he didn't take his closest ally, JP, off the block WITH THAT VETO HE WON. What an asshole. I mean, REALLY. What an asshole.

Jordan gets evicted 5 to 4.

Of course, the live-feeders saw this coming, and I completely dreaded watching JP get totally blind-sided. It was great for television, but I really did not want to see the kid go through that. Thank God, he took it incredibly well, recognizing the game play and strategizing that had to come into fruition for this move to be carried out. He knew he made a massive mistake and admitted to it on-air. At the very least, he met his pre-show goal to make the jury.

The week 6 HoH Comp is called BBC Film Festival. They are shown fan made films of this season's
Ummn, ahhh, ummn. I don't know, ahhh Sindy????
comps and tasks. If they buzz in with the correct answer, they can pick another HG to eliminate. If they guess incorrectly, they are eliminated. Each film is a slow reveal...with pixels gradually coming together for a complete picture. This one won't be hard to throw at all, right? Nah. Not at all. Well, until Bobby decides he wants to be the first out with the wrong answer and buzzes in as soon as the first film begins. He guesses "V for Veto". Of course, what happens? Yep. He is correct. He actually screwed up the screw up. He's totally flustered, and when asked to name an HG to eliminate, he blurts out Sindy. Thus screwing up the screwed up screw up.

Only Bobby could do this.