Monday, 30 March 2015

BBCan3 Recap Episode 3 - Week 2 HoH - This Ain't No Sound and Light Show.

The game continues...

I mean...come on.
Not all HoH comps are created equal. This one, called "Wall to Wall" is one of those - it's an endurance test. Endurance tests usually favour the strong, small types. Usually. But, just as I called it last Wednesday, this one is geared to people with, oh...I don't know...maybe some rock climbing expertise. And lucky for Big Brother, we just happen to have one HG with those creds. Enter Bobby. I guess BB has pegged you as the lucky winner of the first HoH comp. The one nobody wants. The one everybody wants to throw. (I am sure Bobby wanted to throw it as well. He just couldn't avoid it.)

Sindy, putting a target on her, um, assets.
Except Sindy Withaness, that is. I guess she's okay with the show of strength and endurance that will put a HUGE target on her...ummn...back. That's right. The last two HGs in this test were Bobby and Sindy. Sindy puts her best asset forward, trying to distract Bobby. Like maybe it's magical powers will make Bobby submit to her will. I get the impression Sindy just doesn't get this whole Big Brother thing. The idea is to not make yourself a target. Not make yourself out to be a strong competitor. But Sindy has it in her head the only way to survive is to get that HoH. And that big, comfy HoH bed. Ugh.

Of course, Bobby wins.

Trying to drive a wedge into the Chop Shop
Time for everyone to get on Bobby's good side. And who is the first one to suck up to him? You got it. Sindy. Bobby is lying alone on the couch. It's the perfect time to Yoko Ono this Chop Shop alliance, and she jumps in right beside him on the couch. The thing is Sindy, I think you just put yourself on the Nominee Short List with that strong show in the HoH comp.

Bobby gets his HoH room and everyone ooohs and aaahs over it. It is a great room. He gets his giant container of treats, his letter from home and Shomi on a tablet. Life is good. But only for Bobby and his Chop Shop pals. (Bobby, Graig, Bruno, Zach, Willow and Ashleigh) The others? Not so much. But being on the outs forces some to make their own alliances, or try to.

There's Newport. Jordan and Zach or Brains and Brawn. You can also call them Zordan, just because that name sounds like an old-timey evil mastermind which is kind of fitting for the steampunk decor. Zordan, Masters of the Universe! See? It works. The big, tall athletic Zach and the smart, nerdish Jordan. They think no one will ever suspect them. They may be right. Go Zordan!!!

Then there's The Fortress. Jordan and Kevin. It's actually a faux-alliance to Jordan, but he knows it's also an alliance of convenience to just keep in his back pocket.

There is a girls' alliance. Sarah and Naeha started it, then pulled in Britnee. Keep an eye on this one. Remember what Sarah said her plan was in that silly pre-show bio? She predicted a "cool kids alliance" forming. Bam. She was right, and they called themselves the Chop Shop. She also said she would bring all the outcasts together. Well guess what? She is working on bringing in Kevin and Johnny to bump up their numbers.

Besides Sarah, the one to watch is Naeha. This girl is Smart...with a capital S.
Don't let Naeha get in your head, Zach.
She never smiles. Never shows emotion. But that's no blank stare...the gears are forever turning. It's like she's calculating her every move. There will be a few memes of this. She talks to Zach who tries to deceive her about who he thinks will be the nominations this week. Look out Zach, don't let Naeha get into your head. Oh oh. Too late. Naeha has you pegged. She knows. You're in that cool-kids 6 person alliance, aren't ya?

The Have Not comp - called The Slop-Off, pits together the first 8 HGs who dropped out of the HoH comp. Red vs Blue one-on-one. They must fill 5 buckets of "slop" aka soap bubbles, walk across a beam and set them in place. They can also use a supply of balls to dodge ball their opponents, or knock their buckets off the beam. I will cut to the chase here. Britnee, Jordan, Naeha and Godfrey are the Have Nots this week. They will not have fun, but if they are smart they MAY just figure out a HUGE advantage.

Alarms. Flashing lights. This means something.
Time for the Have Not room reveal. No one is happy about this dungeon of a room. Hey, it could be worse. At least they get a cot mattress. That's something, right? Time for bed and Britnee and Jordan try to lay out their mattresses in the middle of the room. This sets off a sensor which activates an alarm and flashing lights. The two quickly figure this out and move their mattresses to the edge of the room. Come on Jordan....think! You are The Brains, and a Big Brother superfan to boot, remember? Don't you think this means SOMETHING other than hey, we should move these mattresses because this sound and light show will keep us awake all night? WE know what's in the middle of that room. Come can do it Jordan. Britnee? Come on guys. Neda, Allison or Peter would have known by now.

Time for Bobby to pick his nominees. It's also time for the reveal of Big Brother Canada's super-dooper new Nomination process. Waaaay cool. And I am not just saying that because I am Canadian. (but it helps) It's very Captain Nemo-ish.

The vault opens for Bobby. There is a control screen and the HoH can select four HGs for a short list. In this case, Bobby short-lists Britnee, Johnny, Sindy and Kevin. From this, he picks the two noms...Britnee and Kevin, then locks them in. A Cannister is revealed and he brings it out to the living room. There is another steampunky control centre there. He puts the cannister in place, the gears start turning. The HoH then reveals each nom by pulling a lever. Like I said. Very cool.

Bobby has taken the easy way out on this one. Britnee and Kevin. He SAYS he doesn't want to backdoor anyone, and wants his noms to stay the same. But hold onto your Nautilus' people (or is it Nautili???...whatever, you know what I mean). Spoiler alert...this will change. This IS Big Brother.

Next episode Monday at 8. Power of Veto Comp.
Being the 1st HoH sucks, except you are the 1st to do this.