Saturday, 21 March 2015

Oh Look...It's a Brand New House...And Rumours Galore

Now arriving on Pier 1...The Nautilus, with your Captain Arisa Cox.

Here's the first look at the new design. Let's just say it beats the shit out of a wall of a thousand birdhouses. The teases started last night. I got anxious, so I made this:
Luckily, this morning they complied. I think I nailed it. It really does look like Dr. Evil's underground lair. You have to wonder what the houseguests thought when they saw this.
The entrance is incredible. It almost dares you. Shall we???
The front doors...from the inside.

Down we go. You can see the basic layout has not changed.

But WOWWEE, now that's a  reno!!! Those are some big gear chains.

Thank God they reno-ed the Kitchen.
The houseguests receive incoming transmissions from Arisa here. Very cool.
Central Meeting/Living Room.

Backyard...unchanged except for gargantuan geer mobiles.

The hot tub. Cleaned and disinfected.
If Marsha's in here, she must be trippin right now.
The Twilight Zone hallway to the DR....Marsha, are you there? Marsha? Maybe those gears and wheels...

HoH Room. Or Captain Nemo's quarters. Take your pick, but this is where all the action will go down (nudge, nudge)

The HoH bathroom.

Good to see they reupholstered those cushions...
Engine room. Steam room? No it's the main bathroom.

Hallway into the bathroom. Don't touch the pipes.

This makes me want to sing, "Under the Sea"
The main bedroom.
And finally, there is this thing. The Vault. Let the rumours commence.