Friday, 27 March 2015

BBCan3 Live Feeds In Brief: Summary Week 2 (Spoilers)

Week 1 of Live Feeds  Wednesday March 25 to Wednesday April 1 (Week 2 in the House)
If you only watch the aired shows, any info from the Live Feeds will be Spoilers. Just Saying.

Wednesday March 25
  • Live Feeds begin
  • Bobby won HoH
  • Nom Talk: Godfrey and Johnny 
Thursday March 26
  • Nom Talk from HoH Bobby: Godfrey and Kevin, with Kevin as target. Plan is if Kevin wins PoV, Johnny is the renom and target. Other names tossed about are Britnee and Sindy with an S.
  • Meanwhile Zach is pushing Bobby for Godfrey and Johnny as noms, with Johnny as pawn and Godfrey as target. Zach repeats this to Naeha and Johnny.
  • Bobby is still undecided and has been listening to Zach and Graig. Other names tossed about are Britnee and Sindy with an S. Bobby wants to nominate people who were first out of HoH Comp, using that as an excuse, and therefore getting less blood on his hands.
  • More Nom Talk: Britnee and Kevin (target)
  • Early Alliance: Ashleigh, Willow, Bobby, Bruno, Graig and Zach aka Chop Shop
  • Faux Alliance: Kevin and Jordan, The Fortress. They were talking in Storage Room, when Kevin left, Jordan talked to camera saying it wasn't real.
  • Zach and Jordan F2 Alliance: they refer to it as Newport (code word?)
  • Naeha and Sarah F2 alliance
  • Feeds go down for Have-Not Comp
  • Have-Nots are Britnee, Naeha, Jordan and Godfrey
Friday March 27
  • Nom Talk: plan still appears to be Britnee and Kevin. They want to throw the PoV comp to the noms, so Johnny can be the renom. {Note: this has gone from a loose plan to a backdoor}
  • Bobby, Zach and Ashleigh in HoHR: prefered order of eviction is Johnny, Kevin, Naeha, Sindy
  • Feeds down in morning. Could be for Nom Ceremony
  • Britnee and Kevin are nominated for eviction
  • Graig and Bobby now want to backdoor Godfrey. Willow still wants Johnny out.
  • PoV players will be Britnee, Kevin, Bobby, Willow, Johnny and Godfrey. Jordan will be host.
  • Feeds down for PoV Comp
  • Feeds back up briefly, then cut again. Kevin won. HGs comment Britnee did well. Johnny does not look happy.
  • Bobby tells Sindy she is the replacement nom. Tells her to campaign for votes. He is making the rounds and telling everyone. His reasoning for doing this: this way it won't be a backdoor.
Saturday March 28
  • Backyard opened up this morning, Jordan broke the hammock. HGs are locked out of BY.
  • Pool Party!...sounds like they had to earn it by completing a task
  • Ashleigh and Bobby agree to a F2
  • Doubtful there will be a pool party tonight.
Sunday March 29
  • Pool party in backyard just after midnight
  • New alliance forming: Sarah, Naeha, Kevin and Johnny. They are planning a secret meeting today.
  • PoV Ceremony today. HGs getting ready.
  • Feeds down
  • Feeds back. PoV Ceremony: Kevin saves himself and Sindy is the replacement nom
  • Someone left tap running in HoH bathroom...major leak to downstairs kitchen/living area. Bruno ran upstairs and pulled something out of drain.
Sindy with an S, right after the PoV Ceremony
Monday March 30
  • Johnny's birthday is tomorrow. HGs are planning on giving him a party at midnight.
  • Sarah and Jordan: talk of the need to win next HoH. They want Graig gone, via a backdoor after nominating Bruno and Godfrey. (new alliance? another Jordan faux-alliance? They call each other Danielle/Jason)
  • Bobby given camera, HGs are taking pics of each other
  • HGs gather in HoH room just before midnight to surprise Johnny
Tuesday March 31
  • Bobby, Kevin, Godfrey do strip/lapdance for Johnny
  • Sindy and JP kiss/make out 
  • BB has punished the HGs: No food, showers, hot tub. Sarah & Naeha discover the water off; Bobby went to hot tub and found the door locked. He also went to make coffee, but found kitchen and pantry fridges empty.
  • Broken camera is the cause
  • HGs are on a lockdown in the HoH room. They go down one at a time to DR, hopefully giving the one responsible the opportunity to confess.
  • Sarah says there is a difference between accidental and deliberate, thinks someone wanted "alone time"
  • More punishment: All HGs on slop according to Naeha. 
  • HGs are cleaning the house, part of punishment
Broken camera in plain sight. BB knows who did it.

  • Jordan and Sindy go into HN room for some quick kissing....this after Jordan told Zach not to worry, he knows she is leaving and is not going to campaign for her to stay.
  • each HG made plea/gave permission for BB to expose them if they did it
  • Graig confesses he has been lying. Tells everyone about his baseball career, his real age.
  • HGs in lockdown again in HoH room.
  • Graig calls out Sindy for her oddly quiet behaviour today, wondering if she was responsible for the camera. Godfrey takes it further and says it was her. Says she is the fakest person there and will be voting her out tomorrow.
  • BB releases them from lockdown. There are bathrobes and Teddy Bears for each of them in living room. They watch a video narrated by Trevor Boris, aka Marsha the Moose (obviously in preparation for tomorrow's HoH Comp - it will be a memory challenge of events to date)
Wednesday April 1

  • HGs were awaken several times during the night to watch the video
  • Feeds cut for taping of Live Eviction episode
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