Monday, 9 March 2015

10 Things I WANT to See on Big Brother Canada 3

Unless you've been living in that hole in the ground in Toronto, you know that Big Brother Canada 3 premieres March 23. The new batch of houseguests have been chosen and will be sequestered when their identities are announced on the 3-night ET Canada cast reveal beginning Monday, March 16.

That's 7 days for the cast reveal...
14 for the Premiere and LIVE FEEDS, folks!!! And then...wait for it...the 1st eviction just two days after that.

I know it's feeling like forever. I also know the live-feed watchers have entered their final phases of preparation: securing an alternative dog-walker; resting every minute of free time; stocking up on liquids to stay hydrated; and insuring you have enough K-cups. (Admit it...that's why you asked for it for Christmas)  Nevertheless, I am still getting fidgety waiting. So to kill a little time, here are my 10 things I WANT to see in season 3.

Sure, I want to see them. It's a part of the show. But they better lay low because this new batch of houseguests are going to be very aware that the winners of the first 2 seasons came out of showmances. They better go in the house with a clear game strategy on how to play any potential partners against each other. If so, things could get interesting. Oh my God, I can't wait.

No I am not wishing for a Canadian equivalent of Zankie. Euww. Nope Nope Nope. (and while I am ranting, I don't want to see Frankie making some ridiculous guest appearance) I am thinking something more along the lines of Alec and Peter. Andrew and Kenny? Now that was frigging awesome.

Fresh New House
Well, there is a lot of hubbub out there about the house. Seems some people think it's going to be a brand new set for the sole reason that Global has taken over from Slice. Silly people....those are sister channels, both part of Shaw Media. It's the same set. Same house. Gary Levy coyly teased us with a shot of some heavy construction a couple of weeks ago. I think they had to get rid of that silly War Room, and that would have required a little rearrangement. There will be minor changes and maybe a lot of repainting. And of course, with The Brick being a major sponsor, we are sure to see new furniture. I just hope they keep the light, bright, modern and open feeling and don't go with something that looks like the BBUS house. Sorry guys, but that set was god awful. Just terrible. A thousand birdhouses glued to the wall? Every time I saw that, I kept wondering when the birds were coming back. Let's keep that kind of stuff on Pinterest where it belongs. And with that, I have probably just pissed off the equivalent of the population of the state of California. But I am Canadian - sooo, sorry.

Fan Participation
I still have mixed emotions about Canada as HoH. Purists of the game hated it because of the level of interference. The First Five should have been left alone to let the game play out. I get it. But I just get the feeling that if the First Five stayed on their path, it would have been a very boring show. Did I vote? Yep. But I let my emotions rule...I didn't really care for Andrew or Sabrina at the time. Would I want to see the same level of interference in the game again? Ummn, probably not. But I do want to see more fan participation in the game . Somewhere in between the extremes of a game changing Nominations and the ridiculous voting for which lamp the HoH gets in their room. I know they are bringing back some form of interaction again this year. I just don't know the particulars yet. Gee, I hate waiting.

Sarah Miller as The Manners Police
I am almost hoping for someone to pee in the hot tub just so production can call in Sarah to lay down the law. What this whole bit represented was production listening to fan reaction and then acting on it. It was well played. I don't mind this kind of low-key interference by production. Besides, it was funny as hell.

A Bitch Going Crazy
Gary going on slop. Sabrina's "Good TV" rant. This is the stuff of legends. Aaah. Good times. Nothing is funnier than someone having a complete meltdown. Fans go nuts over this stuff. And those are the moments we remember most. The ITM reactins from fellow houseguests can be just as great. Remember Emmett describing Gary's breakdown..."like we're in a grocery store and he can't have Froot Loops". I think I peed myself. Of course, we can't forget Ika when she shredded those letters - and Kenny's reaction.

Secret Prank Tasks
Who didn't love the task assigned to Newfies Jon and Allison last year: getting hammered and trying to play sober? Let's see more like this please! Of course, the exact same prank can't be done again but I am sure those creative producers can come up with a few things in the same manner.

Keep the Booze Flowing
Don't ever go (almost) dry like the house south of the border. My reasoning? Do I really need one? Okay, well how about Jon's drunken game talk with Andrew and Allison. That's all I have to say about that.

An Arlie-esque Houseguest
Yeah, I know I said I don't want clones of previous houseguests. Nobody wants to see a houseguest that looks like they were cast for the sole reason they will remind us of any alumni. Besides, there will only ever be one Arlie Shaban. But I DO want to see someone just as entertaining as him. It makes the endless hours of watching those live feeds so worth it.

And the #1 thing I want to see is...

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

Need I say more?